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Taurus and Taurus Rising — Sign Description

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Taurus This Week (April 19-May 20) -- Give close partners or loved ones plenty of room to be themselves. It's possible to take pleasure in this gesture of supporting the individuality of others. Rather than feeling like you have to compromise, be negotiable and take the opportunity to do your thing if someone else is unavailable, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. Soon enough they'll circle around back your way. Meanwhile, your solar chart is full of aspiration and intrigue: you'll likely cross paths with people who have important roles. When you meet them, keep the conversation friendly and light. Being respectful as a matter of daily practice opens up a special door: you can trust yourself speaking to anyone, treating them as a person rather than personage, and exchange ideas. You might use the cocktail party rule: keep the conversations short, and keep circulating.

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