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Libra and Libra Rising — Sign Description

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Libra This Week (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- You have a guardian angel with you, though you won't know unless you ask for its help. Try this, on matters that seem to be small, or that seem to be great; on personal subject matter and that of people you care about. Make direct requests, whether for protection, an outcome, or wisdom. You're also in a position to stand up for people, whether you know them well or not. You are a natural-born advocate, and with Jupiter in your sign -- beautifully aspected by your ruling planet Venus all week -- you have some persuasive ability in your hands. So your advocacy can be gentle, but make sure you're clear about your views on right and wrong. The world needs moral guidance right now, from people capable of some mental and intellectual balance. You have a good bit more than that going for you.

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