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Aquarius and Aquarius Rising — Sign Description

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Aquarius This Week (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- You've entered a phase of your life where, with each useless, negative or in-the-way thing you remove, you will make room for some helpful and productive thing to enter. This involves physical objects, people, groups you belong to, and ideas you have about yourself. It's a basic principle of the Asian art of feng shui: de-clutter, open up space, and put things you use regularly right where you can reach them. As the spring and summer progress, this process will take up residence in your relationships. The key concept is balance: between self and other, and between seemingly different interests. One thing you're likely to discover is that as you let go of persistent mental patterns, even ones you've experienced since childhood, you make room for a more self-affirming experience of your relationships. As you well know, it's about time.

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