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Aquarius and Aquarius Rising — Sign Description

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Aquarius This Week (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Toss any notion that money is related to the meaning of life, or somehow related to success. The latter might be true in some sense, but not the kind of success you are seeking as a humanitarian-leaning Aquarian. Money is a tool, a resource and in some ways a reward. There are many more meaningful factors that will determine whether and how you find your way in the world, the most significant of which is self-respect. Though this is in short supply in the world, it's abundantly available for you. You will know you're there based on how you feel. The positive emotions associated with respecting yourself come from below, and from within. It's not a cerebral thing. As planets enter your relationship sign Leo, love and admiration will enter your life -- though only if you feel worthy.

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