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Scorpio and Scorpio Rising — Sign Description

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Scorpio This Week (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- The Sun is shining its light on Gemini, one of the most cryptic angles of your solar chart, and that will help you unravel the seeming mystery of a relationship. Here's the question: to what extent is desire allowed in your intimate partnerships? Do you allow yourself to want what you want with a clear conscience, or do you have to keep stopping to address guilt? Or, interpreting your chart a different way, there are often two sides to desire: wanting, and not wanting what you have once you get it. The more aware of these wrinkles you are, the less often they will pop up as issues that derail the conversation or the flow of passion. Most people have a hard time stating clearly what they want, with neither hesitation nor guilt. You must get good at it, and practice makes perfect.

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