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April 13, 2000

Updated Availability Info, Including In-Person Work


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Professional Consulting Information

Dear Planet Waves, Real Astrology or Planetary Madness Reader:

.......You have now departed the world of sun-sign astrology and entered the universe of human cosmology. Thank you for your interest in my personal consulting. It is a true privilege and a pleasure to serve the culture in this way in these extraordinary times.

.......It's my heart-felt belief and first principle that astrology is about people, not planets. It is about the working out of relationships, not destiny. And it is about you rather than the world around you. This is our starting point.

.......In terms of my background, I have been doing professional astrological consultations since 1995, and studying and reading Tarot since 1988. I began my spiritual path in the early 1980s with Hugh Prather's Notes to Myself, as well as the Course in Miracles, which I studied in a one-year residency program after receiving my Bachelor's degree. My approach to astrology has roots in a variety of therapeutic processes and healing modalities. Among my role models are a Gestalt therapist, a homeopath, and a sex educator. I am both trained and self-taught in numerous varieties of astrology, both traditional and modern, and I have seen that it's the science of consciousness. Astrology is the original hologram, embracing all facets of life, and helping us get a closer look at who we are and how we grow. That newspaper astrology works at all is a miracle, but taken on a more personal level, the results of in-depth astrological process can be genuinely faith-inspiring.

.......My earlier profession was legal, political and environmental sciences writer; my specialty was unraveling corporate fraud; and so my astrological work is grounded in both reason and substantial real-world experience, and will very likely satisfy even those who are skeptical that there is a connection between people and the planets.

.......I am now offering three options for new astrological clients. Fee, contact and payment information is at the next link.

.......The first option is my standard (as in first-quality) astrological process work. This is a three-session experience conducted over four weeks. We work interactively. I ask you questions. You ask me questions. We explore your mind, your soul and your emotional reality; we take in the vista of your life, figure out where "here and now" is, and see what options you have available to you at this juncture. We search and grow in the realm of values. We distinguish the real from the unreal. Your astrology charts are always present, but do not dominate the conversation; we will speak in plain English. It is the most sensible starting point for people seeking consciousness, clarity in relationship, for those a spiritual or creative path in life, or those wanting to be on one. For those of you with an astrological background, my emphasis is on the evolutionary themes of the outer planets: Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These are the Gods of Change. And we are all changing fast, and responding to these energies every day can take guidance.

.......These sessions are conducted by phone. To assist in creating a safe and confidential environment, they are not taped. In this process, we work slowly and carefully over three 60- to 75-minute sessions, spaced out over a month. It is fun and highly informative exploration, one that I've been doing with clients for years. You will find that it's a great relief to dedicate an entire month to reassessing your growth, challenges, progress and desires in life -- your very real, one and only life. We can, as well, look at your relationships with loved ones, relatives and children; we can look at your creative aspirations (a great many of my clients are aspiring or working visual artists, writers, screen writers and actors); we can look at your professional life, regardless of your field (many of my clients are healers, doctors, teachers, and others in the helping professions); and we can look honestly at sexuality, self-love and pleasure, fields I have explored in my process work, teaching and published writing for a number of years.

.......Because the style of my practice is centered on slow, patient and in-depth understanding, I am often willing to take on cases involving problems that have persisted for years, or eluded other professionals. Though it is impossible to guarantee results, because the healing and growth processes are in your hands, I bring my intellectual and spiritual resources to bear on your needs with focus and dedication. I stress the holistic mind-body-spirit connection and will help you come up with ideas to increase your vitality in all areas of your life.

.......I also do work with couples, triads and intimate networks of all sexual orientations.

.......Many of my clients sign up for another three sessions at the end of the first three, but the first three represent a solid foundation and starting point that is impossible to build in a single session. After we have a working relationship established, I am available for single process sessions as well, and also am available for weekly half-hour coaching sessions with established clients. For additional background on this work, please use this link, and you may also call me and ask questions directly at no charge, per the information on the contact link.

.......The second option -- a new one -- is a straight-up astrological reading. It is a one-session meeting, 60-75 minutes long, and the fee for one reading is the same as that for three process sessions (described above). It is a kind of "power session" for individuals with very specific questions who do not have the desire, time or space to dedicate to medium- or extended-length work. Depending on your chart or situation, I may request an intake session of up to 45 minutes, which is included in the first session's work, as is any necessary chart research. I will look at up to one other person's chart in this process.

.......The third option -- also a new one -- is written work. I am offering one variety: short. It is merely an introduction. In this process, I will look at your birth chart and provide insights into two issues or questions of your naming, and whatever else seems necessary. It will be an essay of about 300-500 words, essentially a key to activating the future.

.......One last thing -- I also teach astrology and tarot to individuals and in workshops. Please ask when we speak if you are interested.

.......Whatever type of work we do, I remain your growth partner and colleague-in-conscience for the duration of our process and significantly beyond. I look forward to speaking and working with you. Please use the link below for updated fee and contact information. And thanks again for shopping here.

Peace & passion,

Eric Francis

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