Workshops, Classes and Speaking Programs

By Eric Francis

Workshops available in the following metropolitan areas for group bookings in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Tampa and New Orleans. Please inquire about other cities. For more information, please contact us.

Life & Times: The Astrology of Chiron | Half- or full-day process

This workshop demystifies astrology and astrological counseling. I will start with a fun overview of the mythology of the Centaurs, the half-horse, half-man figures of Greek mythology, whose planets are now taking center stage in human evolution. Then we will get into the practice of Centaur astrology. Beginners will learn an easy, practical techniques they can use with subjects while still in the early stages of their study, while more advanced astrologers will learn to decode the nuances of an astrological chart while actively supporting the growth and learning of their clients. This technique involves use of the planet Chiron (discovered in 1977), astrology's first clear archetype of healing and spiritual consciousness. This program will be taught as a practicum on volunteers from the class. Mixed groups of astrologers at all levels of advancement are welcome and indeed necessary, as are people with no astrological background at all. Each participant is asked to bring 10 copies of his or her natal chart, if available. Groups of six to 12 are ideal.

In the Cards | Half-day or full-day process

The Tarot is one of the most basic, useful and fun skills we can learn whilst swirling here in the psychological and intellectual chaos of western civilization. In this workshop, we will begin to sense the idea of divination, as well as acquire the basics of reading symbolic images, get an overview of the structure of the Tarot, and learn how to do effective card readings. All of this in a day? That is correct. Stripped of esoteric and occult nonsense, allowing the intuition to do its work, Tarot cards are easy to grasp. You will need to bring your favorite deck or two; if you don't have one, I reccomend the Thoth Tarot by Crowley/Harris, or the Universal Waite Deck by Marie Hansen-Williams, both readily avaialble. The Motherpeace deck will work too. Groups of six to 12 are ideal.

Stirring the Pot: Investigative Reporting for Activists,
Artists & other Troublefixers
| Full day or weekend process

Investigative reporting isn't just for investigative reporters any more. Anyone who seeks the truth on a specific subject, whether it's hanky-panky by the school board or a trash incinerator 50 miles upwind, can find it sooner or later. This process will help make it sooner, as well as more fun and with greater community impact. We will seek the inner mental poise of exploring the nature of reality. Then, using techniques collected and refined over the years of working with citizen activists, progressive lawyers and government watchdogs in the proces of writing hundreds of investigative articles, Eric will convey the basics of digging for the truth and putting the puzzle pieces together in this hands-on seminar. We will study damning corporate memos, listen to tapes of interviews with villains, and learn to apply the the simple formula of Freddy the Pig: "When in doubt, stir the pot." This seminar will work in any size group, up to about 60 people.

Talking Straight About Sex | Full day or weekend process

Supplement: Condoms and Condom Use

How do you talk to your partner explicitly about sex? How do you talk to a friend or acquaintance articulately enough to ask for what you want, or to have the safer sex conversation? We'll practice talking, listening, and playing with new (& familiar) words and concepts till we can make a hooker blush. Learn to describe the unspeakable but definitely necessary. You can get only what you ask for. Optional warmup -- one-hour seminar on condoms and condom use, covering latex, urithane, natural, female, oral, etc. This workshop package is 18+ only.

The Art of Rebellion

Drawing on experiences from astrology, investigative reporting in Germany and the United States, plus a decade of environmental activism, Eric Francis will share his worldview that rebellion is an art form, and that working for peace and justice contribute greatly to life as a fulfilling experience. An inspiring, informative and truly unique presentation for general audiences, students, citizen groups, and religious or spiritual organizations, Eric's ideas get listeners itching to shake and quake the world in ways that enhance personal growth and build community. Multimedia version available: slides, video, extra audio.

The Heart of the Matter:
Handling Injustice with Compassion

The problem of evil confronts and often frustrates all people who seek to act on their desire to make the world a better place. Evil is an essentially spiritual problem, and it requires care and attention to work for its undoing while not getting entangled in its ways, or letting it grind us down. Eric will share from his experiences of coming head to head with sleazy government officials, corporate criminals, fraudulent scientists, apathetic poisoning victims, and even fellow activists whose inentions are less-than-wholesome. A rare look at the growth processes behind the struggle for social justice, this presentation is perfect for general audiences, students, citizen groups and spiritual organizations of any kind.

Astrology as the Art of Rebellion

Learning astrology -- that is, becoming personally familiar with the cycles of nature, the energetics of the planets and with spiral rather than linear thinking -- can ignite a revolution in the mind, and reconnect us with our original instructions for our lifetime on Earth. Astrology blends the best elements of science, mythology, religion, counseling, and nature. We will look at the fascinating new planets that have been discovered since 1977, and how this portends major changes for the processes of the mind and emotions. In clear, simple and direct language, Eric will convey astrology as a means of personal growth, unlearning mental gridlock and creating a space for new ideas to come through awareness and inspire us to live more fully. From his perspective, astrology is the key to the art of rebellion, and its practice grants the possibility for accepting new ideas about creativity and freedom. A perfect presentation for New Age audiences, astrological societies, students, and anyone curious about life. Multimedia presentation available: slides, video, extra audio.

Beyond Jealousy | Full-day or weekend process

Jealousy is the most important challenge in many relationships, whether they involve two exclusive partners or are multiple-partner experiences. Jealousy is based on the idea that we can possess another person, without whom we are not complete. We'll do practical exercises that help us feel the differences between love and attachment. From there, we will explore the possibilities of loving that open up once we have gone beyond the pain of jealousy. This workshop was given at both the East Coast and West Coast 1999 conferences of Loving More Magazine, and presented in different fors at the 2000 and 2001 conferences as well. Groups of six to 14 people. Couples are welcome.

Embracing Compersion | Full-day or weekend process

An extension of the process above. Compersion is the love we experience once we have begun to let go of the pain of attachment and the struggles of jealousy and control. It is something approaching unconditional love, since it's love with the main conditions removed. Unconditional love is a process of loving while letting go of conditions, rather than a static condition. The concept was identified in the San Francisco-based Kerista community in the 1970s, and has come to be one of the most important themes in the lives of those exploring new relationship paradigms. The basis of love without attachment is selflove, and we will begin here. Then, we will experiment with techniques for releasing jealousy, opening up to the emotions and mental reactions of loving without clinging, and explore our responses to experiences of witnessing others in loving situations. This is an intensive process, limited to gender-balanced groups of 6-12 people. A pre-interview is required for all participants.

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