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Who is my astrological process work for?

For the Awakening -- "Whose Life Is It, Anyway?" That is the question, isn't it? Much of what I do is help people reclaim their lives back from their parents, partners, spouses, children, religion and the corporations that seem to own them. It really is your life, yet living this truth often takes some practice, special learning and lots of positive encouragement.

For Artists and Lovers of Life -- "I want to Make Deeper Contact with Myself." This is work aimed at full creative and sexual expression. We all live with some kind of repression; somebody always wanted us to be less of what we really are, and we fell for it. I work with developing artists, musicians and writers and assist in their process of both unblocking and blossoming creatively. Learning self-love, self-respect and releasing guilt are important parts of the creative process, and will save your life in the truest sense of the word.

For Romantics and Explorers of Humanity -- "How Can I Have More Fulfilling Relationships?" Many people seeking guidance from astrology want to connect more deeply with the people around them, including those wanting to improve their relationships and others looking for mates. No guarantees, but understanding yourself and the people around you, using astrology, can help. I also do special chart synastry and composite work with my clients after they have had at least two sessions of personal work. I work with people of all sexual orientations and lovestyles.

For People Going Through Changes -- "What Exactly is Happening to Me?" Often, astrology can give deep insights into the nature of unexplainable personal changes. You may wake up different one morning with no explanation, or your circumstances may shift suddenly. They may range from "my husband just left me" to an unexpected lawsuit or death in the family. There is no need to face meaningless confusion when you could be experiencing productive developments; there is no need to suffer in silence, or suffer for no reason, when you could be growing and learning.

For the Ambitious -- "Is This a Good Time To..." I do business consulting, including exploring corporate charts, the timing of major moves, charts of partnerships, and employee screening. I can help you maximize the value and happiness of your work force using astrological techniques.

For the Recovering -- "I Just Quit Drinking/Drugs, and I want to get my life together and grow spiritually." Many people who enter recovery find themselves in a generic form of McCovery. Yet every individual has different needs and intentions which must be recognized. I am not a certified recovery counselor, however I am able to provide spiritual and astrological insights into the life realities that come with having made the choice to enter a time of clearing out.

For The Faithful -- "I am experiencing revelations and a sense of contact with the universe that nobody seems to understand." Many of my clients are simply evolving into greater contact with God or the Universal Life Force, and are seeking additional information. Based on my own experience along this path -- a path I simply call conscious living -- I am able to provide open-minded, open-hearted guidance and, more than anything, assist you in dancing your way to God, life and freedom.

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