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By Eric Francis
November 1999 Monthly Horoscope

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ARIES (March 21-April 19)
Your motto for the month could well be, "Lead, follow or get out of the way." Note that there are people in this life who are on the path of aspiration, and there are those who are not. The distinction is a fundamental division of purpose, and it's not something talked about every day; it would be way too embarrassing. But as we can plainly see, assuming we look, there are those who aspire to do not just great things, but to do something, and there are those who aspire to do not quite evil, but to do nothing in particular, and for good reasons. When actively engaging life, we must challenge our theories and our ideas about who we are. We must project ourselves into the world, and then deal with the world's reaction, and this makes some folks nervous. I imagine you are, by now, fully involved in this process (like it or not). What are you noticing? Have you gotten a sense for how solid a foundation you have built over the past fourteen months, and how much assistance is now available to you as a result of what you've accomplished, and as a reward for daring, as you now are, to be a much greater part of life? And have you made any strides toward figuring out what to do with the people who just don't care?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
You can view this time in life as the halfway point of a particular phase or process. I can't quite say half of how long, but definitely halfway into something very important. So it would be a perfectly grand time for a halftime-break. Your excuse for not doing this may be that you don't have enough time because there is still so much left to do, but that doesn't prevent halftime in football and soccer games. You may chide yourself for not achieving enough, but that would require ignoring what you have accomplished. You need this time to reflect, assess what has happened, and adjust your course through life; several years down the road, you will be glad you made certain key changes now. You also need to deepen your contact with certain individuals who are indispensable to the completion of your projects. And more than anything, you need to mark in space and time that you are really halfway home, that your struggle is half over, and take the opportunity to fill yourself with a sense, in your heart, mind and emotions, of just how great that really is.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
You are in for some mind-blowing experiences the first week of the month, or events that commence then are likely to unfold into something very special and unique. Now, there is mind-blowing and there is mind-blowing, of course. One day several years ago, I woke up that morning and realized that it was in fact my life I was living (not anyone else's). That was shocking. Sometimes you can learn an important detail about things that happened many years ago, and the sense of reality rearranging itself can be quite profound. And then there is the sudden revelation of seeing and internalizing another viewpoint, say, that of a teacher, a close friend or a lover, and you realize that your usual viewpoint is but one of many. You could recognize that there are other ways to conceive of reality, and it feels strange and wonderful to get inside of one of those, even if for a second. It could be something like this you're headed for, or something far more strange and important. But I would suspect its meaning will not be lost on you at all.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
I am sitting here trying to write a horoscope in the middle of a furious tropical storm. Every now and then I pause, and remember to take a breath and stop wondering why it is so difficult to focus. The lights are flickering, the ocean is churning and there are 70 mile-per-hour winds raging against the palm trees, and literally tons of water flying by outside my window. Along these lines -- are people with radical agendas and intense energy making you nervous? Are folks getting into playing all kinds of power games around you? Do you feel attacked, invaded or inquired of? Have there been new men or testy women showing up in your life unexpectedly? If so, I suggest you stop worrying and start figuring. The way the cosmic setup reads on my end, whoever is getting in your face has to play by some pretty strict rules. They may play hard, but whatever they are trying to do is not going to work if they play fast and loose, so learn the game and remember that you really can do it better; indeed, you must. And don't hesitate to shut people down if you really feel violated. It's your space.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
The contradiction that I imagine you are facing is between wanting to be very safe and secure, and simultaneously wanting to take new and unusual risks. This is especially true in the place where sexuality meets emotional reality (it may be true in other areas of your life, but this will work as an example of how to put what seems to be a contradiction to work for you). Sex play by itself can be fun, but when we are compelled to reckon how pleasurable physical experiences are with how we feel about the person we're sharing them with, that is another dimension. I suggest you resolve your seeming contradiction by doing daring things in the context of trusting spaces. The first might be (gently) testing out trust itself; the second might be talking about your feelings and desires in a way that seems challenging or risky, or writing about them and then sharing what you have written. You are indeed in a time of your life when experiences are far more important than ideas, but as my friend Lorna once said, every revolution begins with words.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Many books could be written about the nature of the relationship between feelings and thoughts. At different times, one or the other is granted the superior place in the alleged pyramid of consciousness. My own astrology allows me to do a lot of feeling with my mind and thinking with my emotions, so I am not usually taking firm sides in this little debate. In your current solar chart, though, I see a picture of great and intense activity in your emotional body. This is pulling you down into some very deep places, it has you exploring the distant past (perhaps your genetic roots), and feeling the immense planetary crisis that has been handed to us by our predecessors. And you're likely to be stirred up with all kinds of very private questions, philosophical struggles, and inner streams of consciousness as a result. So much of this psychic activity may really elude clarity, yet at the same time it is demanding that there in fact be clarity, and in short order. But help is on the way. Try, and you will succeed, at doing something that most people would find very unlikely: to go all the way into your feelings, maintaining full mental awareness, and return and tell the story. Don't forget that last part. You'll need ready access to what you learn, and so will the rest of us.

LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
Can it get better? I imagine it could. A lot better. These weeks of autumn have been filled with promise, and perhaps mingled with disappointment or disillusionment as well. Some time not so long ago you entered a kind of tunnel, and you have yet to emerge. It may seem that so much is unavailable or hidden, or like what you are seeking is so large that you will never even be able to see it, much less possess it, or that what you are becoming is too vague to aim for. You can (if you ask me) afford to have a little faith that what you desire or need is approaching you. And it would help if you allowed the possibility that what develops or emerges out of the void over the next weeks will turn out to be a lot more fun, more real and more beautiful than anything you were expecting or dreaming of.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
You are in a perfect position to get yourself all caught up in somebody else's battle with authority. I can offer no moral incantations about whether this is good or bad, functional or neurotic, an opportunity for viable personal and professional gain, or another intriguing chance for you to meddle in stuff that is just not any of your business. It's likely, anyway, that many of your situations this month will have this kind of energetic setup of seeming to draw you into conflict, and I imagine you are certainly in one of your more opinionated moods and are unlikely to want to be quiet. So please, just think things over before you pipe up and get involved. Consider peoples' feelings. Pick your battles; not everything needs to be a skirmish. And work to understand your motives. Determine what your actual, identifiable interest is in the outcome of any given situation, and act accordingly. Please tape this into your 2000 appointment book.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
Between approximately February and July of this year, you were working on some kind of inner project, a "getting to know yourself" kind of thing, and the time went whipping by; so, too, perhaps, did the people and events. On some level, you may have figured you had a year to work it out and do what you needed to reach a new level of awareness about who and what you are, but it turned out to be far less. Yet you are now getting an extra chance to get back to work on this, and the nature of the whole experience is about what an important spiritual trip it is to perceive reality as an ego; as individual consciousness. Yes, the same ego that is denounced by nine-tenths of the spiritual teachings of the world. The same ego that can experience ego-tism, fear, loss and death, and also reach exalted states of self-awareness and seeing things from your unique individual perspective. And, indeed, the same ego that can first forget, and then remember, that beyond your fears, you are nothing other than a pure channel of intelligence and light. Now, it would seem, is the time to remember that again.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
My friend Dave, who used to manage Esoterica Books in New Paltz, NY, said that he felt (and I am paraphrasing) that all Capricorn horoscopes were prejudiced by the idea that you goat-folk should do yourselves a big favor and loosen up a little. And God knows, I surely remember this comment every time I sit down write to you. Well, my precious kids, this month I get to say it verbatim. The awesome encounter between your ruler, Saturn, and his mythological father, Uranus, is upon us, creating an apparent clash between structure and change, between matter and energy, between the old and the new. This story has been unfolding for some months, but it's at a critical turning point now, and I imagine it will work this way: perhaps you will be called upon to take a risk. This risk will involve taking action on something you already believe or value, though you may have only developed this particular value in the past few months or years. Suddenly you will have an opportunity to act; to experience; indeed, to dare. And if you want to dare, then all you need to do is loosen up a bit.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
I would propose that you have done more to grow and evolve in this year than you have in most of your life so far. A big statement, I know, and I am also aware that many Aquarians may be missing the point entirely, though I will assume you are not. Many of your changes have occurred on what I would call the nonphysical level, an aspect of reality even beyond cognitive ideas and equating more to what mystics would call the soul. But these soul-level changes are now catching up with you in a way that is very personal and may soon become obvious. If I may, let me suggest how it might emerge. I gather that you have an important inner confrontation building. It is between who you were and who you now are. The central theme is how you relate to the world on an emotional level. Symbolically, it is a struggle between the person who taught you how to feel (identify that person please), and what you must now unlearn, embrace and experience if you are going to undo those false teachings and take the next major step toward becoming a mature, loving, breathing person.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
Whether you seek responsibility, achievement or awareness, you will make great strides toward your destination this month by careful use of communication. Visibility you have plenty of. Influence is pretty plentiful too. It is the human touch that will create the environment you are seeking. It is seeking understanding with others. I suggest emphasis on one-to-one contact as well as personalizing the contact methods that go farther and wider. I also suggest taking the time to explain your vision and your motivations carefully and patiently so that the people around you, or perhaps just one key person, really understand where you are coming from -- especially if you are interested in enlisting him or her in the cause, or are pursuing long-term collaboration on whatever level. You are certainly in a position to change the world, but one person at a time; remember this, and you will do a great job at it. Speaking of the world, remember, it's still a pretty big place. Unusual aspects remind you that at the moment, many good things will come from other lands.

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