Born in the Sixties?


Born in the Sixties?

.......The 1960s were one of the most creative, visionary and rebellious moments in the history of the modern world. Men refused to go to war. Women began to understand their fundamental equality with men. There were explosions in art, literature, music, film and politics.

.......People whose natal astrology reflects the astrology of this era are powerhouses of energy, community service, egalitarian values and sexual revolution. But thanks to television, MADison Avenue and the corporate infestation of the human mind, most of us have had our values bought or sold out from underneath us. Most of us don't know we have the choice to experiment with our ideals, much less live them.

......Sixties kids have been branded Generation X and blamed for their own inability to focus on what they want, and what they know is real. Is that true? Is there a solution? Is it possible to be really successful and really rebellious at the same time? How can we undo the insidious programming of the media, which has taught us that we are basically corporate slaves?

.......I am offering a limited-time Generation X special on astrologial process work for people born between Jan. 1, 1960 and Dec. 31, 1973. This is a starter package of two, one-hour sessions, one week apart, for $155. Or, to go into greater depth, three 75 minute sessions for $225. These are uninterrupted, one-on-one telephone consultations. The subject matter is what you are doing with your life and your choices.

.......We will talk about the cosmic message found in all sixties charts, and how this relates to you as an individual. And we can talk about the aspects of existence that most often fail to live up to their expectations and ideals -- what we do with our precious days ("career"), whether we get to manifest our visions ("creativity") and whether we get to love the way we want to love ("relationships").

For more information, email Eric here. Please include your day and evening telephone numbers.

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