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Your Key Life Transits for 2000
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By Eric Francis
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Introduction to Key Life Transits

THE WORD 'TRANSIT' implies movement, and this is precisely what astrological transits are about. Transits take you for a ride. The natal (birth) chart is a picture of a moment in time, the time of birth. It does not move. Transits are the relationships between the planets today and their positions in any chart cast for a time in the past. The moving planets seem to act upon the natal planets and instigate changes, progress, experiences, new desires, beginnings or endings of phases and a variety of other life phenomena: under important transits, one's life moves. If not, you're very stuck. Whether the moving planets cause these changes, or whether they merely indicate the pre-existing cycles (much like the hands on a clock indicate the time but do not control the time), is not known. But there is no need for a big debate when we can just observe life.
.......Most teachings on transits are fairly somber. It is as though astrologers are afraid to be optimistic. Then, most people do sweep important things under the rug, which astrologers see all too often. So, drag out the rugs and get out the vacuum cleaner, so the real party can begin.
.......For our purposes, there are two kinds of transits: the ones that happen over and over again (Mars transits, for example, all occur every two years), and those that happen once or twice in a lifetime, involving the slower moving planets from Chiron and Saturn outwards to Pluto. This second variety is sometimes called "key life transits" because they represent an unfolding process that all people must go through once they reach a given age. The key life transits, taken together, are a composite picture of one story, namely, your life history. They all work together. Each one gets you a little further along the road to nowhere. Chiron transits in particular tell a distinct story and reveal hidden life patterns, but these factors identified by Chiron integrate well with other important transits as well, particularly those of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, with whom Chiron shares great affinity.
.......Though everyone will respond differently to transits, astrologers have been able to make certain observations about many of them that can be generally helpful without denying anyone individual experience. The map is not the territory, and life itself is the journey; but the map can be a savior. Remember, of course, that astrology is a philosophical system as well as being a language, and depending on the idea-base of your astrologer or the author of the books you read, you will get different feedback on the process of living. Beware of negativity; beware of prediction; the astrological process is creative, the ideas are powerful, we get what we create, and this is why it's important for your astrologer to have a good attitude toward life.
.......The ideas that follow represent some of what I have learned based on my own approach to astrology, which is that it's a growth tool that can be used to help us both see and make choices, rather than a fatalistic system painting us into the corner of one definite destiny. This article does not include all of the key life transits, but most of the important ones are covered. They are based on my experiences working with thousands of clients, extensive research, and my own personal history, including what I have learned from people close to me, my mentors and my students.
.......Please note that Chiron transits (except for the return) vary at the times they occur in life. All Chiron transits are now happening on the early side. This strange phenomenon is explained in each of the Chiron transit entries. But in other cases, the transits are more predictable, and you can ask your friends and family what was happening to them at these key ages -- for example, Saturn return stories at 29-30 and Uranian opposition stories at 39-40 -- and listen for the similarities, as well as for the different approaches and results. If you do this for a month, you are well on the way to becoming an astrologer. That is, as long as you like people a little. You don't have to like the whole human race, just people.
.......The key life transit dates given below are approximate. When in doubt, extend them, because the effects of transits can both be felt in advance, and can sometimes linger for years.

Saturn Return
.......Of all the key life transits, this is the most commonly spoken of and, as a result, perhaps the most misunderstood. Saturn is, naturally, the star of the Saturn return, and few people possess a sense of responsibility to themselves that would make the experience of Saturn personally meaningful. Typically we are responsible to others, we do the bidding of others, we work within the structures of others, and blame everyone else for what we must do, and for whatever happens to us. We spend much of our time lost in institutions, and even idealize the "institution of marriage" as a kind of pipe dream of relationship.
.......If you were born in approximately late 1969, 1970 and mid-1971, you are currently experiencing your Saturn Return. Most people in this age range have Saturn in Taurus, themes of which I cover extensively in The River of Night. I will cover the Gemini Saturn (at the younger end of the cohort) in a later article, though most of these themes hold true for either sign.
.......The Saturn return is a fairly long process, without a definite beginning or end, unless you consciously bring things to resolution and move on to new horizons. Many people end up in perpetual Saturn returns because they did not grab the proverbial bull by the horns. Then the difficulty that would pass with the transit seems to remain in the life. This transit is the first major astrological coming of age. We live in a culture without distinct divisions between childhood and adulthood; this is a clear one.
.......The keynote of this transit is responsibility, but with Taurus involved, it will be your responsibility to yourself. This is a concept that sends most people into a tailspin of guilt and confusion. But you really don't have a choice, and the guilt is just an internal device installed in you as a child to make sure you never break free from the bonds that hold you down, and never threaten others with your freedom.
.......Typically, Saturn return will be a time of important changes. Divorces, shedding businesses, advances in a career, or perhaps something that seems like a setback (getting fired, going bankrupt, etc.), or anything resulting a major restructuring of one's affairs -- these are common expressions of Saturn completing one full cycle of experience and returning home to begin another. Often, professional activities will dominate life; it may seem like there is "not enough of you" to go around, and indeed, you are building the inner resources that you will draw upon for many years to come.
.......If you have lived haphazardly until this point, it is now time to collect yourself and dare to experience focus. And if you are going through tumultuous changes or difficulties, it is necessary to work toward their solid resolution, and getting professional help if you remotely need it, so that you can move onto more important, indeed, greater things that follow this authentic coming-of-age in the world.
.......People approximately 58 years old are experiencing their second Saturn return now, and there can be an equally profound restructuring of life and of values at this time. Please carefully check the events and life themes back when you were 29 or 30, and again at 39 or 40, and see if you can discern a relationship between movements then and now.

Pluto and Chiron Conjunct Neptune
.......This is a one-of-a-kind transit which can serve to connect people with the unseen aspects of life, and it is fairly unique to our time in history. If you were born starting in December 1974 you are near the end of the Pluto conjunct Neptune process, and those born through December 1976 are near the beginning of this transit. If you are slightly older, you get a chance to understand what you just went through. If you are younger, you get to size up the situation and consider ways to make this process work for you..
Pluto was discovered in 1930 and information about it only started appearing in the astrology books in the 1970s. Nearly 10 years later, the first book (Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul by Jeff Green) was published on the subject of this most important planet, more than half a century after its discovery. Alternately, Chiron was discovered in 1977, articles started appearing very rapidly, and books started coming out within a couple of years. Both planets have reshaped the way astrologers think, whether they use the planets or not.
.......Pluto conjunct natal Neptune is rarely mentioned, it occurs in the mid-20s during these decades of history, and is responsible for much avoidable misery. It is sublime because it involves two outer planets, and the outer planets are barely understood even by fairly advanced astrologers.
.......Presently, Neptune is "ahead" of Pluto in the sky, meaning that, for example, Neptune is now in Aquarius and Pluto is a couple of signs back in Sagittarius. It's been this way the entire century, though of course both planets are moving at their respective speeds (which are currently about identical). So, after a person is born, Pluto eventually goes over the degree where Neptune was at the time of birth, forming a conjunction by transit.
.......Because Chirion and Pluto are now together in Sagittarius, this sub-generation is experiencing a compound transit to their natal Neptune placement in Sagittarius that is likely to have great emphasis on shaping the inner awareness, as well as the spiritual and cultural values of these people; indeed, shaping all their values. [Note: For more information about this conjunction, please see The River of Night.] The historical moment of major transits is important; it is like a birth moment. Those who are born with Neptune between 10 and 13 degrees Sagittarius are under unusually strong influence of the tides of change coursing through society at this time. Consider the house placement of Neptune in the natal chart and you will get a sense of where in life this impact will be the most pronounced.
.......Neptune is a fairly nebulous influence. It is the vibration of higher mysticism, love and compassion (not well understood here), and it can degrade to delusion, deception, denial, drugs, and drink if it is lived unconsciously (all too common, and, in effect, substitutes for the positive attributes of Neptune).
.......Transiting Chiron works like a lens and focuses the influence of Neptune. There can be some very mystical moments in there when Chiron transits one's natal Neptune, especially by conjunction; there will be opportunities to heal the more difficult influences of Neptune; there will be opportunities to heal drug-related issues, and I believe that recreational drugs of any kind, and in some cases psychiatric meds, will be dangerous to these people right now. If you choose to go off your psychiatric medication, please do so under your doctor's supervision. If you are under this transit or experienced it recently, and if you are having difficulty in life and you use recreational drugs, please consider stopping. The highly sensitive Neptune energy needs a chance to clear out and be itself.
.......But the Pluto factor must be considered in this equation. .
Neptune in Sagittarius is a very idealistic and spiritually conscious placement. The result of the Pluto transit may be a kind of religious obsession, or perhaps a distortion, or, with any luck, an awakening. Spiritual awakenings in young people count only for so much, because they must stand the tests of time and circumstances. But I have no doubt that some experiencing this transit will become very cosmically aware, have their intuition opened and their sense of universal compassion activated. Burning off delusions and la-la land thpiritual concepts will be one benefit, just make sure there is something left to eat after you cook dinner over that open flame.
.......Pluto's long transit through this sign, which lasts another decade, is forcing us to make sense of a variety of issues involving being a global culture, and the effects of the conjunction in this sign may be far less devastating than in 60s births, who had Neptune in Scorpio, and many of whom died of AIDS as Pluto came through.
.......The modern equivalent would be a killing of or loss of faith; there is enough of that in this world; be kind to people of this age, for they are very impressionable and their ideals will burn like balsa wood.
.......Pluto is often criticized and despised for moving so slowly. But it's good that Pluto takes so long, because we would not want these changes to happen fast, nor would they be as meaningful. The motto of all Pluto transits is one day at a time, living consciously and carefully, and therefore slowly. The motto of all Chiron transits is Pay Attention. Chiron's presence can mitigate or greatly improve what otherwise might be a difficult life transition for people with Neptune in these degrees of Sagittarius. People born in the late 70s and early 80s will experience just the Chiron aspect of this transit; Pluto, which moves much slower, will catch up in several years.

Pluto Square Pluto
.......Pluto represents the unstoppable forces of the physical and unseen planes. Often operating in secret ways, coursing through the subconscious currents of the soul, and carrying an energy far too subtle for most people to notice till it whacks them in the head, it is the planet of human evolution, both individual and collective, which lends a purpose to all the often-incomprehensible experiences that surround this planet's movement. When active in the chart, it has potent themes associated with sex, death, control and purification of the psyche, often seeming to put the soul through some kind of trial by fire -- but really it's the soul doing it to the ego, if you believe they're separate. And old Mr. or Ms. Soul is now calling you to reach to the depths of your being for new energy, potential and strength. Be glad, and glad when it's over.
.......If you were born approximately October 1962 through February 1963, or late summer and autumn 1963, through any time in 1964, you are experiencing Pluto square Pluto, the one time in your life when this slow-moving planet reaches a right-angle to its position at your birth. Now is the time to notice what you have not noticed before, and pay heed to the necessities of deep-level emotional growth and psychological process. That is to say, getting real. In times when life with Pluto becomes difficult, which is usually all the time depending on how conscious you are of what is happening, it's vital to live very honestly, day by day, seeking ever for truth of purpose and to remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence. Secrets kept in the depths of your psyche will seem to swell and crack open the structures of your mind. Desires and obsessions that are not acted upon, or at least acknowledged, may just turn to pain; but if you use the transit well, then these trials turn to power. But more than anything, this generation born with Pluto in Virgo is being called upon, more clearly than ever, get off its swelling arse and live its own secretly-held raging ideals.

Neptune Square Neptune
.......This is a strange and interesting one-time-only transit, the theme of which is essentially coming to terms with all the deceptions of life, and the truths that the world so often denies. It will last about two years. No lie can withstand the influences of this process, no matter who told it, so be prepared for the truth to come out. Given the extent to which we live with subtle deception on this planet, and blatant deception, it could be a real eye-opener. It would be wise to take control of the issues now and know exactly where you stand with every important person in your life, and begin the process of reckoning.
.......Be cautious, because Neptune transits can be extremely slippery, concealing their true nature at first. Beware of any denials or deceptions you innovate now, tempting though they may be, for they can become very difficult to deal with later. And beware of drugs and alcohol, which can have many times their normal distortional effect during a Neptune experience.
.......On another level, Neptune square Neptune can represent significant encounters with the unseen realms or the spirit world, and a time of a "test of faith," whether the faith involves the exposure of that which was not true, or walking into what is true but unbelievable.
.......This transit is currently influencing most people born between autumn 1957 through autumn 1959, and some outside this date range. These individuals are at the early end of the generation born with Neptune in Scorpio, one of the most important astrological harbingers of the 1960s. This was the mystical-erotic side of the psychedelic revolution -- permission from the cosmos to indulge in altered realities and to go deep into intimate experiences simply because the doors were open, not because it was something one would ordinarily do.
.......Those born with Neptune in Scorpio -- a vast generation, since, at the time, Neptune was the slowest-moving known planet -- have a deep desire to fuse erotic experience with higher love and cosmic levels of awareness. Many are born with Chiron in Pisces (though not 1950s births) and the effect is redoubled. Unfortunately, given the extraordinarily shallow view of sexuality that has evolved over the 40 years since these influences were active in the world, this is kind of experience is not readily available. But one of the concealed facts we have the ability to confront is that we can make it available, but we all have to give a little in order to receive. Giving is different than sacrificing. This would be a gift given with the awareness that it was really nothing but a service to offer it.
.......Honesty and intimacy are closely related, and involve the use of real power. Do we trust ourselves with this? What if we have reason not to? Will it be possible to rebuild the trust that today seems necessary for the intimacy that seems absolutely necessary to go deep into erotic experience? Only in the presence of the truth. Will we be able to forgive ourselves for the deceptions we perpetuated in order to get our needs met in the past? Only if we are willing.
.......Hang loose with these questions. Bring them up to your loved ones. Be ready to let go of all that cannot withstand the test of truth.
.......For the mystics in the reading audience, I also offer this report from Carol, who did some of the technical astrological work on this article:

"During this transit, I was working with a multidimensional-galactic-shamanic healing modality (ain't that a mouthful<G>) which works with past-present-parallel lives and brings about a 'merging' or 'ensouling' of these lives with the present (a sort of multiple-level soul retrieval). I can say now that I am moving out of the influence of the square that it actually helped me to learn to 'navigate the darkness.' I became fairly adept within these realms that are hidden beyond our normal consciousness. At this point in time, I really have no words to describe what it was I experienced. Perhaps part of the growth of this transit is developing an ability to see beyond 3D -- and to become more aware of our multi-dimensionality... to then balance what is real with the illusionary... not an easy task... between you, me and Toto. I'm very happy to be back home!!"

Uranian First Square
.......Souls entering the planetary dimension from the late 70s through the early 80s have Uranus in Scorpio, and on some deep level strive to revolt against secrecy and darkness, while potentially stirring up the fires of evolution and transformation in a magnificent way. All-seeing, passionate Scorpio is a positively luscious position for troublemaker Uranus. Young men and women born September 1978 - December 1979 are experiencing the Uranian first square, meaning that Uranus, with an 84-year orbit, will reach the 90-degree mark to its natal position. This, by all rights, will be a year of incredible liberation and unexpected changes for you, though be mindful that not everyone will be as excited about your idea of freedom as you are, and there may be some kind of fuss which you will need to face honestly if you want to keep having fun.
.......Sexual experimentation is natural and healthy at this time. Uranus in this sign typically has bisexual leanings, but so does everyone, according to astrobabe Debbi Kempton-Smith -- and bisexuality means some freedom from the normal rules of sexual relationships. But just what does freedom mean? Freedom of movement, or freedom from the money-driven concepts of obligation that have been branded and baked into our minds, alleging there is something wrong with lust and passion, even when explored responsibly? If you seek your sexual liberation, every other form of oppression will eventually fall like dominoes -- IF you become an expert on (and diligent user of) birth control, and a devoted student of human nature. So keep condoms on hand and become an astrologer. Now is a brilliant time to start.

Uranian Opposition
.......People born from approximately September 1958 through summer 1960 are experiencing their Uranian opposition. There are few more exciting, electrifying transits with such potentially positive outcomes, for this is a time of full energetic maturity, intellectual blossoming, independence, and a blast of youthful energy just when it's desperately needed. It is in effect a psychic revolution, with the Promethean spirit of freedom and release from inner constrictions spreading like fire into the life.
However, we live in a world to which freedom is quite alien, in which most people suppress their energy, and, naturally, a crisis of reorientation can result. But it is not necessary.
.......Women tend to seek freedom at this time in their lives, and seem to react to the rising energies of this transit with great optimism and the sense that a peak experience of life is beginning. Typically they do far better than men, who often suffer from the sense that all the structures in their life so carefully built since the Saturn return (including their minds) are falling apart. This is sometimes called the midlife crisis, and while there have been many attempts to "solve" this "problem," relatively few people have bothered to look to astrology for guidance about its most positive potential outcomes, and for ways around and through the difficulties.
.......This is the time to do things that expand your mental, sexual and spiritual potential, and allow full expression of your creative energies. It's a great time to with a really hip therapist (look around carefully) to assist you in resolving the old issues you're finally ready to leave behind. Explore the passions you've set aside because of your career. And spend your time with people who can meet you on your new level of energy and excitement about life -- and truly live.

Overview of Chiron Transits
.......All transits of the planet Chiron (discovered in 1977, and named for the famous healer, teacher and warrior of Greek lore, who was half-man, half-horse) have one thing in common: they call for enhanced consciousness, focus, and awareness of the transitions of the past.
.......Chiron's transits to its own natal position are among the most distinct, and, at times, bizarre transitions. Used consciously, they will serve as a bridge to the future, and a key to unlocking your real potential in what may be highly unexpected ways. But awareness is paramount. Many who feel that "the past is over" are neither dealing with its traumas nor gaining the wisdom that it has to offer. The past may be over, but as long as we carry its unfinished business with us, it is quite real and present. If you are under a Chiron transit, then having a careful understanding of earlier key times in your life when transitions came on suddenly, unexpectedly and with gusto will be very helpful in gaining an understanding of your current process. These dates will be available from a good chart service, or by checking an ephmeris.
.......Chiron's transits to the ascendant, midheaven, descendent and nadir can be just as compelling or dramatic as transits to its own natal position. I have noticed that Chiron works with great affinity for the angles of the chart, and the timing of major life events associated with the Chiron process have been uncanny. The sensitivity of the lunar nodes to Chiron transits is a close second, so check them carefully.
.......When Chiron transits another planet, particularly by conjunction, you get an experience depicting exactly how that other planet works. In other words, transiting Chiron conjoining natal Venus will reveal something of the true essence of how Venus functions in the chart. This is in part because when the transit touches Venus, awareness is drawn to that enegetic, and there will very likely be some experience --perhaps subtle, perhaps obvious -- that is associated with Venus themes and qualities as you express them.
.......If you watch carefully and use accurate data (both for the transits and the natal planets) you will be able to work your way through the chart and get many clues as to how it works -- without using books to look up the aspects. Experience will become your teacher. Your chart is unique. The person writing a book never saw it, never lived through it and any comment is speculative, even it is insightful. With the Centaur planets, it is clear that all astrology is research astrology. if you are interested in more information about the Centaurs, Robert von Heeren has an excellent web page. It is called Centaur Research Project. He also moderates a list, which you can contact through my assistant Carol.
.......At best, the transits of Chiron are experiences of highly accelerated growth, taking real steps toward wholeness, expansion of consciousness and letting go of what no longer serves us, because we have looked closely enough at it to make a clear decision.
.......I wish many of the descriptions below could be longer and contain chart examples. Another time soon.

Chiron First Square
.......Because of the unusual orbit of Chiron, the first square, or 90-degree angle to the natal position, is reached anywhere between the ages of six and 22 years old, depending on the decade of birth. Whenever it occurs, the first square is always a great transition, and involves some kind of opening of the spiritual eyes, or a distinctly life-altering experience. Naturally, a rite of passage will feel different for a recent college grad than it will for a small child. The unusual mystical experiences, growing pains and transitions experienced by children born approximately August 1994 through July 1995 will serve to awaken and focus their consciousness. Children of this age are likely to resonate more closely with grandma and grandpa, who are on a similar Chiron cycle. Mom and dad may have no reference points to the strange sights, sounds, experiences and thought processes of their child under this transit. Parents might want to either check in with your own parents about their experiences along these lines as children, or give the child lots of space and time to share the unspeakable secrets of the universe with their tribal elders. And watch their health in the coming year, though not neurotically; though a diary of allergies, ailments and mental upsets will prove to be extremely valuable later in life. And pay attention to what they say, for the first signs of their life calling may be manifesting now.

Chiron Opposition
.......The importance of this transition may be lost upon the people who are experiencing it so young, but it must not be lost on their parents, who experienced it much older -- in general, some time in the '90s. Chiron can reach its opposition point between 13 years old and 30 years old. Boys and girls born approximately between Fall 1984 and July 1987 will now be experiencing Chiron oppositions in 2000.
.......They are among the Chiron in Gemini sub-generation, which has, appropriate to this sign, grown up immersed in MTV, Game Boys, the Internet and every other dimension of computing, and many of whom are believed to have "attention deficit disorder" and have been reared on Ritalin and Pepsi. If I were a parent with a child of this age, I would be spending a lot of time with him or her in libraries, art museums and, if remotely possible, taking trips abroad. Student exchanges are available and economical, and will grant a sense that there is a universe outside Cybertalism. Watching television would be part of a deal that included reading books and, in my household, creating media, not just sucking it in.
.......These sensitive minds must be widened gently and acquainted with their own creative power if they are to cope with the coldness, shallowness, commercialism and other deficits of our age. You can be fairly sure that if they seem to crack at this time, they are cracking open. Easy on the meds, please.

Chiron Second Square
.......Occurring between 35 and 46, the Chiron second square is one of the midlife transits, though like other Chiron events these days, it too is occurring on the early side of its potential age range. People born between January 1963 and April 1968 are under this transit in 2000. There is a shifting of gears, a reassessment, potentially a unique crisis of some kind; but more to the point, a threshold of energy that shifts or moves distinctly. Yet because this transit involves people born with Chiron in Pisces, the theme is likely to be oriented along what some would call a spiritual or evolutionary leap: the existence of God/Goddess as a personal reality, the life of the soul, the nature of existence, and the experience of sexuality as an exalted state of being. Chiron in Pisces colored the entire 1960s with all the violet hues, with the more gentle mysticism that pervaded the revolutionary atmosphere, has created a generation of people who, unlike their more hard-boiled predecessors with Chiron in Aquarius or Capricorn, are less scared and less burdened by pride to turn directly to spiritual agency for assistance.
.......Chiron transits often take us strange and unpredictable places, but moreover, they work. To assess this transit properly, it would be necessary to closely examine the events of the mid-1980s and the mid-1990s (probably 1986 and 1994, though the exact dates could be researched), at which times they were experiencing their first squares and oppositions, respectively. Other transit dates will fill in more of the story. What was the nature of these transitions? Did they result in an overall improvement of life, or a degradation? What was the outcome of health-related problems that surfaced in those years?

Chiron Return
.......Chiron is the planet that most clearly addresses the modern themes of expanded awareness, conscious spirituality, and what happens to people when life deals out difficulty and they choose to respond with power, will and the intention to heal or create. If you were born between approximately January 1949 thru October 1951, you are experiencing your Chiron return. Like all returns, this event represents the completion of one full cycle in the life of a planet -- in Chiron's case, about 51 years.
.......Some astrologers will tell you otherwise, but this is, by all rights, the beginning of the period of achievement in the lives of conscious beings. We can only hope that after one Chiron cycle and half a century of experimentation, people start to figure out the basics and can move onto more important aspects of life.
.......Like all Chiron transits, knowing the history of the past transits will teach you how the person typically reacts to this particular energy and will be very helpful in making sound and sane choices in the present experience. (These dates can be found by looking them up in an ephemeris, or by consulting a chart service or a professional astrologer.)
.......In our culture, the age of 50 often represents coming to terms with growing older. But this is a highly subjective experience. Many people go into terminal slide at this age, while others come out roaring. You still have a choice in the matter. On another level, this event is about taking on the responsibilities and privileges of being tribal elder, which now becomes possible because the cycle of experience represented by Chiron -- a series of important transitions based on the fundamental themes of the person's lifetime -- is complete, and a new one begins.
.......While real youth is behind us, there is new energy and determination to live inherent in this transit, as well as the need to shed yet another skin of the psychic body. The eyes seem to open to much that was invisible before.
.......In Sagittarius, where this generation has its natal Chiron placements and where Chiron is now, you could expect to see a quest for knowledge and experience, for travel and education based on learning the ways of the world and uncovering the mysteries of religion and culture. The house position where this transit takes place, and natal Chiron's aspects to other natal planets would also be an important indicator of the events of this time and their deeper meaning.++

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