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Astrology as the Art of Bullshit

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Chirotica | A reading list

Deep Space & Centaur Astrology | By Carol Burkhart


Aug. 11 1999 Total Solar Eclipse

Thinking of You on Judgment Day

A Clue from California

Cassini Cometh

One Way Or Another

In & Out of Time

Burning Man

Flashpoints (Burning Man Part ii)

Interpretation Keys

The Chart for Aug. 11 1999



Sounding the Clarion:
Chiron and the Environment

A Visit from Chiron

The Nuclear Axis

The Divison Bell

What I Learned in the 20th Century

My Y2K Theory: Eleven Fifty-Nine

Well On The Way to Y3K

New Year's Revolutions


1999 Annual Horoscope:
The Year You Don't Forget

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2000 Annual:
For the Faithful

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