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By Carol Burkhart
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Rupert Sheldrake (the morphic resonance guy) says in his book , "The Physics of Angels", "Because astrology and astronomy have split apart, astronomers see no meaning in what's happening in the stars; they see no life, intelligence, or consciousness in the heavens. Astrologers see meaning, pattern, and a relationship between what happens in the heavens to what happens on earth, but unfortunately most never look at the sky."

Well, there is certainly something happening in the sky these days. In 1999 there were many more of these new icy bodies found out past Pluto in the outer reaches of our universe. These are called Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) or Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) and specifically the centaur planets.

If, as Sheldrake later discusses, there is not only the possibility of life on other planets but perhaps "The very stars themselves may have a kind of life, intelligence, or spirit." And if this is true and that we are discovering new creations 'out there' in space, Pluto birthing "puppies" as galactic astrololger/Author Philip Sedgwick writes, what does this say about the state of our evolution? All we need to do is take a look at our current technological advances to see that these changes need to be integrated into our metasciences. There is a growing group of astrologers and researchers who are making strides in the unification of these fields. These links to both astrology and astronomy sites provide varying degrees of information to not only bridge this gap but to offer the most current updates, new discoveries and research available.


Centaurs, Mythology and Centaur Research

Robert Von Heeren's The Centaur Research Project
Many, many articles and links, including discovery charts
for all the Centaur planets from Chiron outward

List of Centaur Objects
includes most recent discovery dates and sites

The Centaurs in Greek Mythology
A complete list of Centaurs including details or story line,
parentage and relatives


Astronomy Pages
Daily tracking of new discoveries
and loads of astronomical data

IAU: Minor Planet Center
operating out of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
A complete list of current astronomical data and observances and much more

Plot of the Outer Solar System
The current locations of various distant minor planets
including Centaur objects

Trans-Neptunian Solar System
interesting article of The New Worlds Beyond 30 AU

The Kupier Belt and Oort Cloud
Is this where Comets are born?

Specific information and data on
Chiron-Astronomy Group out of Brussels


Galactic Astrology

Heliocentric Astrology
Various articles by Philip Sedgwick (including the
link below-Pluto has puppies), Michael Erlewine and more

Deep Impact: Pluto Has Puppies! Astronet, 07/27/98
Article by Philip Sedgwick on the discoveries of the Kuiper Belt Objects
(KBOs) and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs).

Philip Sedgwick offers more galactic knowledge in his columns at these sites:

The Fundamentals of Galactic Astrology

Site with explanations of the study of deep space
astrology or Galactic Astrology.


Specific Sites and Articles on Chiron, The Centaurs

October 1999 Article on Chiron Pluto-Conjunction
Breaking The Taboo On God
by Melanie Reinhart

Chiron on my Mind
The Anatomy of Wounding and Healing
by Martin Lass

Astrology of the New Centaurs
Writings and collected Essays by Juan Antonio Revilla

Chiron and Friends
by Zane Stein

Chiron- Transpersonal Psychology and Astrology
by Ingrid Sell, M.A.

A Place in Space
Australia's Candy Hillenbrand presents a selection of articles combining Astrology and Healing and Chiron. A collection of articles can be found here by Chiron specialist Joyce Mason.

Sounding the Clarion: Chiron and the Environment
by Eric Francis

A Visit From Chiron
by Eric Francis

The River of Night
by Eric Francis

Online Centaur Ephemerides

Ephemerides of the best known Centaurs- List through Jan 1999-Dec 31, 2000
Here are mini-ephemerides for all but the most recently discovered Centaurean bodies, updated November 4, 1999.

Centaur Ephemeris
for 16 centaurs enter any date between 1650 through 2049


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