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Three Flags by Jasper Johns

Tonight on PWFM — United States Blues

Dear Friend and Listener:

I am planning a new program for tonight after a two week break. As of now I am running ahead so it should be well before 10 pm.

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Eric Francis.
First a request — to keep receiving emails from Planet Waves FM, please sign up for my Substack. The program will still be hosted in its original location, though we will be sending some announcements (and some articles) via my Substack account. This is an experiment…let’s see how it goes.

Tonight’s Program — Americana Plus

Tonight’s show will take a fresh look at the U.S. Sibley chart, investigate the implications of the downfall of Roe v. Wade and will feature an hourlong conversation with Dr. Sam Bailey about medicine under full digital conditions.

To fans of the Scorpionic America chart, I will be back in November with a close look at that chart, which is for the Articles of Confederation (the first constitution of the U.S.).

We are listener sponsored. There's a lot of competition. Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you to those who made our work possible the next month. Donations small and large go a long way toward covering the real costs of the program.

I know everyone is hitting you up for donations and subscription fees. It’s not practical to support everything you love. Planet Waves FM and our associated project, Chiron Return, have two distinctions: there is nothing else like us in the world, and we are a very small operation with real costs.

Rather than pushing a highly-focused political or scientific agenda like most other programs, I take a circumspect view of the world. That means an encompassing and wide view — and going deep where necessary.

Planet Waves FM is about you — not all that other stuff.

Thank you for participating, for contributing — and for tuning in.


PS — If you want to speak with me personally, you can call the studio at (845) 331-0355. Early in the week is best; Thursdays and Fridays are busiest.

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