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Your Weekly Holoscope: Mars Conjunct Chiron

Dear Friend and Reader:

This week’s holoscope is based on the forthcoming conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Aries, on June 15. I am planning a more detailed article about this next week. I cover June events with the monthly holoscope. NOTE: In service of completing Your Future, Your Life, I may forgo next week’s holoscope and Planet Waves FM.

I will also describe working with this aspect pattern in tonight’s STARCAST.

Here is a brief summary.

Black and White photo of Ashokan Reservoir by Lanvi Nguyen
Goose at the Ashokan Reservoir, spring 2022. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Mars: Motivation, Assertiveness and Desire

Mars involves maleness in all its forms, the concept of masculinity, and gender-free attributes such as motivation, self-assertiveness, will and desire (with sexuality included — Mars is a glyph that illustrates testicles and an erect penis). Chiron relates to healing and wounding, as well as to "power wounds" of the kind that build character and integrity.

Maleness is in trouble right now, and there are not many people who are interested in helping. In a free-association test, I wonder how many respondents would say the word “toxic” after hearing the word “male.” Maleness is assaulted by a constant tidal wave of artificial hormones, most of which mimic the female hormone estrogen. The current worst source: plastic food packages.

The most pervasive of these chemicals cause decreases in sperm count, lower testosterone levels, and smaller penises in newborns exposed as fetuses. Exposure is not good for women either, causing a wide diversity of reproductive problems. Women depend on testosterone too. And these problems are just the ones on the biological level.

Without Mars, nothing much happens. It takes will, drive, intention and desire to survive on this planet — such as getting out of bed in the morning. All of these properties are described by Mars. Mars conjunct Chiron prompts the question: what happened to my will? What happened to my desire to grow?

Black and White photo of Ashokan Reservoir by Lanvi Nguyen
Ashokan Reservoir, spring 2022. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Synchronous: Juno Conjunct Nessus in Pisces

There is also a conjunction of Juno and centaur Nessus — at exactly the same time as Mars conjunct Chiron. This is a rather impressive synchronicity — the aspects occur less than an hour apart from one another.

Juno, the third asteroid ever discovered, pertains to marriage and relationships. In my own work, I have seen that it often describes the first marital partner, or characteristics of the early desired partner. But that can be based on mother’s conditioning rather than something innate in a person.

Juno also describes issues of jealousy and control, as well as "the bone of contention" in relationships. It can represent the issue that does not go away, usually due to a psychological hangup projected into the relationship. Nessus, like all the centaurs, addresses ancestral matter. That means that its effects can be multigenerational.

The mythology of Nessus is circular in structure, describing the return of karma to its source. The key phrase "the buck stops here" describes the accountability theme of this centaur. Mixed in with its mythology are themes of hazy or ambiguous sexual agreements, the consequences of taking revenge, and themes related to sexually-transmitted diseases.

In Pisces, we are always talking about the emotional and subtle-plane material as well as any physical manifestations.

Mars-Chiron describes what is contained within an individual, and the journey of personal development and healing. The Juno-Nessus pairing describes what is contained within relationships. It describes the cycles of relationships, and the causes of matters within them — particularly of marriage.

Both conjunctions describe matters that call for mature attention. This is just a warmup — more next week and on STARCAST.

Black and White photo of Ashokan Reservoir by Lanvi Nguyen
Family of geese at the Ashokan Reservoir, spring 2022. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Prepare for the Loss of Roe v. Wade

We are all on notice that the Supreme Court is planning to strike down the landmark 1973 decision. This is the ruling that address a woman’s constitutional right to choose whether she wants to carry a pregnancy to term. It is the closest thing in the United States to an Equal Rights Amendment.

I covered Roe v. Wade in a series of articles last month, of which this is the most comprehensive.

I plan to lead with this issue on Friday’s Planet Waves FM.

Your holoscope this week is based on these two aspects.

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Weekly holoscope for June 9, 2022 by Eric Francis

ARIES — What seems to be about you personally may more closely relate to your concept of what a relationship is. You're also being informed by ideas about marriage and the consequences of actions that may go back generations. The question you now face is: what does it mean to be an individual being? We are all pressured by numerous forces to think of ourselves as half of a relationship rather than a whole person. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

TAURUS — You may be more concerned about the public image conferred by a relationship than you are about your own personal needs, healing process, and self-development. This is understandable; there are many social circles where one's relationship is the thing that confers citizenship in society. Single people can be considered a threat on various levels, particularly given how shaky so many relationships are. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

GEMINI — Your Sun sign (and Gemini rising) has Aries in the 11th house — out in the open, among the crowd. Where Aries is placed, aware people seek what used to be called self-actualization. Social existence is a basic necessity for you. You now have Chiron moving through this house, a long term transit that spans from 2018 to 2027. Chiron brings a focus of energy wherever it goes. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

CANCER — The sign of the Crab is famous (at least in astrology books) for being reclusive, cautious, private, and focused on home rather than profession. But is this really true? Anyway, at the moment, you are in a position to standing high above your peers and competitors with the work that you're doing. Several factors suggest that this year will present many opportunities to excel in your career or vocation. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

LEO — Those born under your sign may be respectful to religion and spiritual beliefs, but your calling is to have faith in yourself. The human race would have a much easier time if it chose to not worship abstract notions of God and goodness, and stuck to sincerity and courage. While it's easier to project these qualities outward, such does not help you, or anyone, really. The resulting problems are the very things that spirituality rails against — egotism, selfishness, the failure of ethics, and a diversity of others. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

VIRGO — One of the challenges of Virgo is that you tend to use relationships as a means of self-development. Not everyone does this consciously; you at least do it consistently. The challenge is that you can get lost in intimate relationships, and therefore seem to lose yourself. Then you wake up and decide that something about the relationship has to change, to accommodate the way that you are changing. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

LIBRA — Focus on language. Do you understand what someone is saying? If you don't, do they explain more deeply when asked? I suggest you do just that when you feel a need to. And at the same time, work on your words and the logic behind them. Focus your message: say what you mean, mean what you say, and when you find a difference, do the work and resolve it. You can play this as a spiritual game, and you may find you like it. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

SCORPIO — Your workplace must support your overall health. The work you do must be the true expression of who you are — or give you plenty of room to find out. I've been raising this theme in various Scorpio readings for a few years. With your ruling planet Mars about to make a conjunction to Chiron in the house that influences both work and wellbeing, I would remind you again: the two are the same thing for you. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

SAGITTARIUS — Expressing creativity is about passion, taking risks, and having good habits. You have the potential to connect your mind to your true talent to your ability to support yourself. There may be a relatively easy solution, or you may need to figure it out. Remember that in digital life, nothing is really simple; it typically takes 14 emails and 128 text messages to arrange a lunch meeting, where it used to take one phone call. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

CAPRICORN — Perhaps your central spiritual lesson in this lifetime is learning confidence in yourself. Most people substitute the approval of others for their own self-assurance. To do that, it's usually necessary to make compromises to get that approval. And that does not build your confidence, or ability, or give you practice facing your personal challenges. To really be yourself, you must enter the territory of love without compromise. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

AQUARIUS — We could say, never doubt the power of an idea. Or we could ask: when else did anything but an idea change society? Look around the room you're in. Every last thing you see was preceded by a drawing, which was preceded by a concept. Every policy, project, media presentation, building and everything else is the result of a notion that may have first been scribbled on a napkin. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

PISCES — Your astrology continues to emphasize finances. The message is to be as intentional as you can; and as true to your values as is humanly possible. While what is being called "late stage capitalism" goes exactly the opposite direction, your mission is to find the place of truth and integrity within yourself, and let everything proceed from there. Mars in Aries is offering you motivation and energy. Read More | Subscribe or Revive | Request Promo Code

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