Today, Chiron Return is publishing the results of our eight-month compilation of a deep chronology of the Covid situation. We are here to share that document and enlist your support.
The Chronology Project
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Photo of Eric's desk, strewn with documents
The advanced timeline has been underway since late one night in February 2021, though several earlier drafts were incorporated into the current publication. Photo by Eric Francis.
The Chronology Project: New from Chiron Return

Dear Friend and Reader:

Comedian J. P. Sears (of Ultra Spiritual) recently quipped about “the conspiracy theory known as a timeline.” Does anyone need this joke explained? One thing I can tell you from years of working as a journalist on complex issues (and watching very good attorneys do their thing), the chronology is where you actually figure out what is going on. When you know that thing happened, and then that other thing happened, you might learn something.

A photo of Eric wearing black and holding a pencil.
Eric Francis.
This is exactly what I have for you today: Chiron Return has published the first draft of a working chronology of early events associated with the Covid crisis. I am here to share the benefits of this achievement with you, and to enlist your support in making sure the project goes forward.

First, here is the first public version of our chronology. This is the only document of its kind that actually looks at the events of December 2019 and also earlier in the year. Nearly every other published chronology starts on Dec. 31.

Much that really matters happened in December 2019 and well before. With our chronology, you get something special: CONTEXT. You can watch the whole movie go by, and it is incredible.

This starting document is pretty good and took a lot of time. Now, here is what we’re doing: making it better. I am here to enlist your financial support paying the editors and researchers I have working on this excellent project. Any amount helps — thank you for your generosity.

Covid19 News Meets the Chronology Project

On March 3, 2020 (eighteen very compressed months ago), I started Covid19 News, with the feeling (as usual) that I was late to the rodeo, but knowing that in retrospect, I would see that I was showing up early. The first story I posted was the Olympic Committee saying the Tokyo games would go on as planned! Nearly 2,000 entries later, here we are.

Commencing on that date, we have preserved between three and 10 news reports a day, which will make the second stage of documenting them in simplified form much easier. My intent with C19 News, in addition to informing the public about developments from ALL viewpoints, was to preserve a news timeline for future reference. We have stuck to this project with devotion.

However, I had a sense how much happened in very early 2020 — so I hired someone to start building out those first 60 days of the year. Then, as I got deeper into matters specifically related to sequencing of 2019-n-CoV, and the development of the PCR test, and its history, I knew that we needed to go deeper, and further back in time. That meant finding things that were never covered by the news media but which showed up in the notes of independent researchers and scientists, as well as facts gleaned from published scientific papers that nobody cared enough to write about.

You will see we have the dates of highly specific events, such as the release of genetic sequences, that have not been published anywhere outside the scientific literature. For this, we are grateful to our virology team in Europe.

The Deep Dive Began in February

In February 2021, after studying the PCR test and its history for nearly a year, I started gathering my documents and putting dates together. I contacted many of my top-level sources around the world who are competent in biochemistry and epidemiology, and asked them what they had. Several specialized chronologies came in, and many interesting documents (some in German, some in Chinese). I started to fill in the events of December, January and February — many of which never made the news.

Various web documents
Some of the documents used in the preparation of the chronology. We are keeping printed records of studies whenever possible. The guitar is Stella by Jim LeClair. Photo by Eric Francis.
Seven months and much work later, we are ready with our first public version of the chronology.

I am here to ask for your financial support during the second stage of this process, which is being handled by professional editors and researchers under my direction.

We are drilling into several key issues: the “missing sequences” deleted at the direction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, recently documented by The Wall Street Journal. (Yes, really. I learned this last night and got busy fast.)

Thank You for Helping Us Figure Out this Complicated Situation

We are currently investigating the dates of many important developments that went by in a blur last spring, including epidemiological predictions, what countries went into lockdown when, and the PCR test controversy between the Trump administration and the WTO.

We are figuring out why the first CDC test got a positive hit for water (the negative control). This week, we added a series of economic events, developments in Italy, and CDC guidances issued in March. Each one comes with a little bell ringing: oh, that’s when that happened?

This is time consuming and takes true dedication, patience and editorial ability. Those are the things we have in abundance — along with the willingness to do this work right. We understand we are building the public record. It’s amazing nobody has built such a document already but we have not found one. Thankfully, I have cultivated sources around the world, and they are helping actively, and verifying our existing work.

Please help me pay these talented people — you will be very impressed with our further results. Your contributions will also support Covid19 News, which is closely related to the chronology, taking it into the future.

And if you have a knack for this type of work, and want to help out, please get in touch.

Once again, here is the link to the chronology.

Thank you for your generous support. Even the smallest donations help a lot. And if you want to be bold and cover the costs for the project for the next few months or a year, that would make our lives a lot easier. Note, we can now accept donations in many crypto currencies; for that you may contact us directly.

Faithfully, your personal investigative reporter,


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Lanvi Nguyen.

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