In tonight's program Eric explores the philosophy of belief and awareness along with an interview of Grateful Dead percussionist Micky Hart; Tantra Studio focuses on the nature of jealousy, with a discussion of polyamory and monogamy. We also have a special publication exposing the FDA.
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Alan Watts Quote that begins: No one is more dangerously insane that the one who is sane all the time ...

Tonight on Planet Waves FM
Virgo New Moon: Applied Science. What is Belief? Alan Watts on the Nature of Reality. Virgo Micky Hart on Healing with Rhythm.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight I’m planning the last regular-format program of the season, which usually posts to the new Planet Waves FM website at 10 pm EDT. The program for Sept. 10 will be a retrospective and new look at the Sept. 11, 2001 incident, including a new reading of the charts. Here is the Planet Waves Sept. 11 resource area. Then I’ll be back after a short break. Friday PWFM mailings will continue to remind you we still exist.

A photo of Eric wearing black and holding a pencil.
Eric Francis.
Hundreds of prior shows are available free, on demand, at all times. Focused discussion of astrology is now available three times a week on STARCAST.

Why Do You Trust the FDA With Your Life or That of Your Child?

Before I go on with the content of the new program, we have a special publication this week from Chiron Return, which exposes the true nature of the federal government’s regulatory system for toxins and drugs. This describes how the FDA responded when faced with a total failure of its regulatory process.

The article includes audio of an interview with Peter von Stackelberg, who broke open the sordid tale of Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories. In this exclusive interview, Peter explains exactly how he unraveled the most astonishing scientific fraud of the 20th century.

Peter and I also co-wrote an article for Planet Waves a few years ago giving another version of the same events — one of our greatest editions ever. Don’t read these articles if you want to keep your illusions that the FDA is anything other than a marketing agency for drug and chemical manufacturers.

I also cover this territory in my magnum opus from Sierra magazine.

We Met our Fundraising Goal for August!

Photo of Micky Hart with brother drummer Bill Kreutzman, performing with the Grateful Dead.
Micky Hart, right, with brother drummer Bill Kreutzman, performing with the Grateful Dead. Our music to night is Mickey’s solo work. His 78th birthday is Sept. 11.
Thank you! We met our fundraising goal of $2,500 for August. We covered the costs of five full-length programs, many supplemental projects, daily publishing of Covid19 News, ongoing website development for Planet Waves FM and our publisher Chiron Return, bookkeeping, office rent, ISP costs and lots else.

We are continuing to do this work with lots of volunteer help. You are invited to facilitate, enable and otherwise support our efforts with a one-time or monthly contribution. On our small budget, each and every contribution makes a difference. Thank you to everyone and especially to those who pitch in $5.

We are doing our bit to run our little snow blower during the blizzard of journalistic fraud. Right now the “alternative press” is the only place to get a clue what is happening in the world. Just about everything else is a house organ for the hedge funds that own Big Big Big Pharma. If you would like to join our research team, or become a major donor, please write to me.

As for Tonight’s Program

Tonight mostly I’m going to entertain you with the philosophy of belief and awareness, with some help from my old friend Alan Watts. I’ll have music and an interview with Grateful Dead percussionist and drummer Micky Hart – the band’s only person born on the East Coast, and the only Virgo.

Tantra Studio will focus on the nature of jealousy, with a discussion of polyamory and monogamy.

Thank you for tuning in — and for passing this letter forward.

With love,


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