Note about how Planet Waves is organized.

Welcome to Planet Waves, or welcome back. We're in the process of re-thinking how we present information to you, and have changed our site navigation. Our Front Page gives the latest articles, news and daily photo. Page Two is a daily astro update written by Eric or a friend. Page Three is a resource of our recent offerings, including coverage of late summer's rearrangement of the solar system by astronomers in Prague.

While you're here please check out the new homepage of our email magazine, Planet Waves Weekly.

As for our older materials: there are several distinct layers in the evolution of the project. Archive organization follows these layers, a little like an archeological dig. Features posted on Page Three (the Recent Offerings page) are the newest layer. Others are presented immediately below this very paragraph in ranges of years going  back to 2000. To some extent these areas preserve the appearance of the site at that time, and there are many interesting bits of writing and artwork to find by poking around our early work.

If you're looking for something that you don't see in the archives, email the webmaster. Much more is contained in the searchable subscriber archives, which are associated with Planet Waves Weekly.

We are also testing out these buttons as site navigation modules. Please try them out and see how they work for you.

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