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By Eric Francis
Special Monthly Edition for May 2000

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ARIES (March 21-April 19)
Now that you're finished energizing everyone else's creative projects, it's time to move your own top-priority ideas into manifestation. I suggest you take three items off your list of things to worry about: 1. Money, including whether you will have too little, "too much," or whether you will get it the "right" way. 2. That you wasted a lot of time on other people recently -- you actually learned some essential skills that will come in handy. 3. That you're too divisive or opinionated. Your very gift is that you initiate discussions of important issues, that you stir the pot on what everybody else is too lazy or scared to bring up. If ever there was a time to have no fear, and no guilt about being who you are (a problem few would peg you for) this is it. Bear all this in mind, and you will notice a direct relationship between your sense of inner worth, and the reality of what the world says you are worth.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
In your caution, reserve and well-cultivated sense of husbandry, do you not grossly underestimate your potential? It's true that Taurans have been among our most important teachers of how to be safe in the cruel world (it was, indeed, my Taurus therapist who taught me to keep a coffee can full of money under the bed). Yet there are vast reaches of what I can only describe as immobile potential that gather inside of you like silent hurricanes. Now is not merely a convenient time for you to bring more of what you are into expression in the world; for you, it's an aspect of survival that may involve what feels like tremendous risk. Yet what exactly are you risking? And what are you now preserving? Potential is a neutral state of existence, subject to decay. Expression is an active, living experiment; true, it's subject to failure, but at this rare and astonishing moment, you stand only to gain, if only you will dare.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
If only you could say what you really feel. If only you could express those amazing dreams. Lurking behind your passion, your anger, your fiery opinions and your magnificent dualistic view of the world is something approximating the knowledge of everything. Yet when you know everything, it's hard to say anything. So for the moment, it's not necessary that you speak at all, unless you want to or need to. You would be far wiser to let your sense of being speak for you, to let your very presence and awareness energize the world around you. Then gently, patiently allow what you know is arriving to come in its own time -- which, I will add, is not far off. But please listen to me: Remember your dreams, and believe in them: your dreams of old, and especially your dreams of new -- and don't ever let yourself forget.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
If more people had been den leader back in the Cub Scouts, we'd have a lot fewer folks on nutso power trips, terrorizing everyone in their paths. But this ain't your particular problem, and, trained as we all are to doubt our power, to mistrust ourselves with authority and to get sucked into assorted political games, you're in an ever-improving position to take authority and set things straight. There is no conflict of interest between what will work for you and what will work for everyone else. You are figuring out that these interests can never really be separate -- and this issue stands above all else in the world's agenda for spiritual learning. That we see separate interests, separate resources and separate objectives and indeed "separate worlds" is entirely an illusion. It's now up to you to hold the central vision of unity: to live it right now, and for years to come.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
You are not deceived. Against all odds in this world, you have succeeded in becoming free. Of all people, you know you cannot be the property of another, or subject to another's will against your own. If, two years ago, I had said that all the learning, all the trials and tribulations, all the experiences of the eight seasons to come, would be directed at one goal -- your freedom -- you would probably scoffed and said, "But I am already free." Tell me now: Were you really? And to the extent you were free, did you really believe it then? Now comes another question: what to do with your freedom. Lately you seem to have experienced a sudden revelation about who you are, some startling discovery that put you in contact with a much greater awareness of your true identity. Follow that thought, and it will soon point you from the place of awareness to the place of action.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Much of what we call healing involves what depth psychologists term "integrating the dark side" -- acknowledging those qualities of who we are that we'd rather not face, and which can serve to wreak havoc in our lives if they are ignored. I gather that you've done much of this work over recent months and years, and are now fully prepared to move onto something that is, on one hand, much more pleasant, and on the other, just as difficult. That something is dealing with your true potential. Indeed, your view of who you are had become far too narrow for your own safety or happiness, and now, you are growing in surprising ways. While the rest of the world deals with its shadows, you may return to a deeper, greater mythology: the art of teaching, taking what you have learned through your struggles and inner journeys out to the world with a message of faith and happiness. In the end, as it works out, this alone is healing.

LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
You are now the bridge: between Heaven and Earth, between people, and between all aspects of reality that seem different, but are really one. How we go from one reality to another, from "separation" to "unity," from "negative" to "positive," is largely a trick of perception. We must learn to see again, which often involves unlearning all the wrong information and reality-formulas we were forced to believe. I have lost a long argument with reality, and concede the point that how we see the world, it is -- and more important, how we see the world, it becomes. Your role is to vision yourself and each of the the people who inhabits the empire of your senses into transformation, to see the connections, and to gently lead people across the bridge to reality. Remember that your the transformative power of your eyes and ears will work whether it's negative or positive; so choose all that is about love, creation, wisdom, beauty and prosperity, and you can't go wrong.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
As strange and amazing as this time in your life may be, I've a hunch there's something about it that feels perfectly natural. One of the things we know about you Scorpios is that you have the capacity to thrive under the worst kinds of pressure, from family crisis to surgery to national emergencies. Some would say this quality is why you seek or gravitate toward crisis: to shine (so don't think you're too demented... we all need to shine). But your current scene is the best kind of pressure: solid elements of worldly success, recognition, the presence of great people around you, and this awesome sense of something "coming together" right before your eyes -- and this is only the beginning. The path to salvation truly is a razor's edge. To balance on it perfectly in these times, you need merely rise to the occasion of all that is so good, and all that you secretly know, but would never dare say.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
The rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is about the best astrology you could ever dream of. As you will experience but three or four of these events even in a relatively long life, what you now see as mere potential represents a concrete opportunity that is not to be missed. I know it must be difficult being a mystically-inclined Sagittarian in a world that is so hell-bent on celebrating violence, death and negativity. If any of us acutely suffer from the world's prohibition on hope and expecting the best from life, it must be you. Yet I would pray that, of all times, you choose to abandon your sense of being a stranger in a strange land. You may fear that others will think you're crazy for what you have in mind for your future. Yet that is a thought, not a hard-line reality, and that thought alone has the power to limit you. You are real, what you know is true, and what you want is right for you. Just ask yourself, and listen.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Though Capricorns are often said to be the keepers of tradition and the preservers of the past, such a role would undoubtedly lead you to understand that the nature of the deepest traditions of most world culture is to allow for change, and to facilitate adaptation to the emerging days. Though the twenty-year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter is but a heartbeat in your soul's perception, each of these cycles has its own distinct character. We shall see what's in store for the planet in the next two decades. As for you -- you possess a state of ancient life that can only occur in a condition of eternal youth. Feel it push you out from the inside; feel it stretch your very skin and bones, and cut your gums from the inside so that you have teeth; feel the simple awareness of your youth, and your space and time to grow. Yet notice how how terrified most adults would be to consciously experience the potential of a child. But what do grown-ups know, anyway?

AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
I was talking to my friend Steve this morning, who, as a civil rights lawyer, is no stranger to what a mess the world is in, and how most people give nary a rat's ass. "I go to my relatives' house for Thanksgiving, and you know what they talk about?" he asked, and paused. "Christmas." Yep. Well, guess who I am designating the astrological guardian of the future? That is, your long-term future, and that of your culture, and that of your family and friends. The future is created through two seemingly different processes that are identical on the inside. One is visioning what needs to be. The other is outright revolt. Rarely do we view visioning, seeing things differently, as an act of rebellion. Yet a single conscious idea to improve the world is the ultimate insurrection against our current problems. Yet few others have the ideas and the commitment to stick out the long road ahead; or to spark the fires now, right now, that need to be lit.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
Pisces, as the last sign, is the most of many things in the astrological language: its tribe includes the most vivid dreamers, the wealthiest business people, and the finest musicians. I think this is because all Pisces know on some level that there is no such thing as "unspiritual." But rare is it that these individual qualities join together in on one magnificent expression of your creative power, and now is such a moment. The trick will be taking all that have gathered around you, your immediate resources, skills and, most of all, the ideas that you have at your disposal, and turning them loose on the world. The charts offer two bits of stellar information: whatever you are doing, repeat a step in the process at every stage -- SIMPLIFY. The second involves your relationship to this thing known as the past, a factor which always seems to bog down the entire universe. For you, the past will operate as a rocket engine beneath your feet, guiding you home, and to your true place amongst the stars. ++

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