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I will be working in central Florida in early October. I will be working in Orlando, and will also be available in Miami, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale. Orlando is centrally located between Tampa and the Ft. Lauderdale areas. This is our first opportunity in nearly two years to do in-person work.

The astrology class mentioned below is this coming Friday, Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in Orlando.

Anyone interested in astrology work or the class can call (914) 339-3339, which I will be checking from the road through the week.

My astrological process is interactive, and based on understanding, growth and intuition rather than on fate and prediction. I use Tarot cards in many sessions, and will do so on request. We can focus on your career and creative life, as well as relationships and sexuality, family matters whatever else is important to you.

Sessions are $135 for about 90 minutes, which can be taped. This can be upgraded to include a second 90-minute session plus a half-hour follow-up for an additional $120 (this package is $255 total). The second session and follow-up will be conducted by phone over the subsequent two weeks. This fee includes taping and charts. Individuals who opt for the two-session plus follow-up package may include synastry (chart comparison) work with their process during the second session. These sessions are pre-paid, and an advance appointment and pre-interview (by telephone) are required. I accept credit cards, checks and money orders.

Astrology & Divination Class

If enough people are interested, I will hold an astrology and divination class in Orlando the evening of Friday, Oct. 1. The class will be small and personal, it will cost $40 and last about two hours. In this beginner's process, we will learn some simple, effective methods of chart reading, and take a good look at Chiron, the planet of holistic consciousness. Please bring your charts and cards. You may tape the class. If you bring a friend, the friend will pay just $30. Kids under 18, accompanied by a parent, will be $20.

Contact Information

If you are interested, please BOTH leave a message at (914) 339-3339 and e-mail me at In all caps, include the word FLORIDA in your subject header, so I can SEE your message. If you've already written, please write again. Please watch for the return e-mail from me, which will include additional contact information.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. Thank you for your interest.

-- Eric Francis

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