Tonight’s letter includes the monthly horoscope, a new article and a request for assistance from my friends and supporters around the world.
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Our Come to Jesus Moment
An Urgent Appeal to my Longtime Readers

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today I have the February monthly horoscope for you, a little early, to help me get my writing schedule back on track. Thank you to the paying subscribers who made this possible.

Eric Francis
Eric Francis.
As I have been saying recently, my monthly horoscopes are actually detailed professional readings for your Sun and rising signs. Each is about 350 words; they are essays containing bona fide astrological analysis. They cover all of the current astrology, and come with a new article about Aquarius.

First, I want to speak to my friends and supporters among my global readership. If you consider Planet Waves something relevant that you want to exist, please read this, as we must grapple with a situation that has all of us here on edge.

It is costing us sleep, and burning energy that could be coming back to you.

In the past, my friends and readers have always said: write to us if you need us. I am doing so today.

The Issue: We Provided Real Coverage of 'Covid'

Two years ago, when government officials claimed there was a pandemic, I first wrote a series of articles about things like managing your household in a crisis, the dangers of hand sanitizer, and (consulting with qualified professionals) homeopathic remedies for respiratory illness.

I also assembled a reporting team and began a discovery operation looking into what was going on. We did what we always do: get the story, and tell you.

Not all of my readers liked that I did this. Some were outraged. Even readers I have served faithfully for many years voted by canceling their subscriptions and boycotting my astrology products. Some wrote angry letters accusing me of what amounts to journalistic malpractice. We have never experienced anything like this before, and it is painful. I am Pisces with Cancer rising. I have a thin skin, and I am a sincere person. My journalism ls always about avoiding dangers, not needlessly risking them.

Meanwhile, look what our real customers have to say about my work. There are so many testimonials, they need a whole website of their own.

Many others have written in and said my covid coverage is the one source they actually trust — and that they would have gone nuts without our calm, sane reporting on the issue.

The High Cost of Sincerity: $90,000 in Lost Business in 2021

I just learned from my accountant that in 2021, this cost Planet Waves, Inc. $90,000 in lost business. Many subscribers wrote to me and claimed I am a conspiracy theorist, a grandma killer and a danger to humanity — the usual canards. Conspiracy theorizing is easy; it takes five seconds. Real reporting has taken me and my colleagues at Planet Waves untold thousands of hours.

To cancel a subscription is an angry act: on our scale, it’s about preventing us from paying basic business costs and my staff members having food to eat. There are no profits involved.

If you are wondering why more people don't speak up, now you have your answer. Many, many small (and large) publishers have kept quiet or gone with the narrative just to keep their business going. Obviously, this does not serve anyone getting to the truth of the matter, or you finding it out.

It is amazing we survived: and not only that, without our friend Anatoly, we rebuilt the websites of Planet Waves and Planet Waves FM from the ground up. We rebuilt our entire business team and have solid management in place

We continue our coverage of the global crisis, offering all of it to our readers at no cost. Our news blog has updated about 3,000 times in the past two years. We run that six days a week, offering you balanced views from all angles.

We Need Your Immediate Help to Continue Publishing

While Planet Waves, Inc. remains financially solvent, we cannot sustain this kind of loss. I cannot take this kind of stress and stay level-headed enough to do a good job. We are down to covering bare minimum costs (rent, utilities, web hosting, insurance and a skeleton crew) and must manage every day — while providing the services that people count on.

We are managing by working overtime for what amounts to minimum wage. I am donating my consulting fees to the company, essentially paying to work. We cannot afford a full-time editor, and our customer service team is stressed. We still respond to you in an hour or less.

Cutting to the chase, if you support our work, or have benefitted from my writing in the past, please subscribe and take advantage of my offerings. I hear from people, “I love you! I was a subscriber in 2010!” That does not pay the bills in 2022, and we need to. Please — take action today. 

If you value the continued existence of Planet Waves, and all the work that my team does, please treat us like a business. Yes, we are a mission-oriented business, but we have real obligations. (It is only on the internet that the customer eats the pizza, then the pizzeria pleads to be paid, but that is the situation.)

Ten Thousand Past Subscribers are Reading This Letter. Most Still Access My ‘Free’ Materials.

This list includes about 10,000 past subscribers, and many customers who depend on my low-cost readings. Traffic to my free offerings has never been higher. For example, my STARCAST podcast has 25,000 unique listeners. Its purpose is to draw new readers and listeners, not to allow existing ones to avoid supporting my work. The same is true of the monthly horoscope.

I am asking you to please take action now: subscribe, revive, extend or upgrade your membership. If you need a discount code, please write to us.

Your extended monthly readings (that is, your monthly horoscopes) are now a subscriber-only service. It took a team of five paid professionals all week to pull this content together (combined working time, about 50 hours), and we can no longer give it away. The horoscope alone took me three days to write, and was worked on by several editors and an artist.

This is quality work worth paying for — and everyone knows it. The article about Aquarius is called Our Come to Jesus Moment. Content restrictions are off.

You May Also Donate

We take donations through our main company Planet Waves, and through our nonprofit, Chiron Return. Chiron accepts donations in cryptocurrency. If you want to help that way, please contact us for the wallet of our official institutional account at Gemini.

There are people reading who could write a check today and cover the whole loss. Last year, someone donated the equivalent of two Bitcoins, which is currently our safety net. We have seen many contributions for $8. A retired fireman and his girlfriend pitched in $1500. 

It has been our policy back to the beginning never to turn people away for lack of funds. We are a spiritually-based business and want to lock nobody out in the cold. Please treat us in the same spirit. We are an organization that gives, when it is so fashionable to take.

If you read my work and truly cannot afford anything, please help by sharing and sending people to my radio program and my articles. Thank you.

Everything helps! Please, let’s move through this challenge and get back to focusing on life, love, astrology — and honest journalism when it’s needed the most.

Thank you for your support, your generosity and most of all, your trust.


PS — Potential major donors or investors may contact me directly at, or by phone at (845) 481-5616.

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