Behind the curtain on tonight’s Planet Waves FM we kick off with Venus Retrograde and conjunct Pluto followed by a look at some extreme events happening around the globe.
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Photo of VAERS data from the CDC
Screen shot from this video by Craig Paaredkooper analyzing VAERS data from the CDC, demonstrating that deaths following injections in the United States are distributed by company, over time: Moderna gets a big one at the outset; Johnson gets two small turns; and Pfizer’s is much more organized and appears to decline over time.

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Venus Rx and Australian Original People

This week’s Planet Waves FM begins with a look at the astrology, in particular, Venus retrograde beginning with Venus conjunct Pluto. We will then take a look at what is going in Australia, pursuing the theory that extreme events there are focused on removing Original People from the land as a primary mission.

The program usually goes up at 10 pm EST Friday night.

Note, I also have a new STARCAST covering current astrology, and a new Planet Waves TV looking at Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto. And don’t miss my interview with Chiron pioneer Melanie Reinhart, covering Saturn, Pluto and the Centaurs; and my look at the cardinal signs for 2022.

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Looking Closely at Pfizer and VAERS Data

I then drill into the revelation by Pfizer’s own documents that there were more than 1,300 deaths in the first 90 days after the rollout of the injection. This was a court-ordered release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that Pfizer has openly happened sought to conceal for 55 years.

Then I will examine data that shows how deaths following the injection are staggered by manufacturer over time (see above graphic). In other words, according to an independent analysis of CDC data, people in the United States initially died from the Johnson shot; then from the Moderna shot; then again from the Johnson shot; then from the Pfizer shot (which is now the exclusive drug in most of the United States).

Tantra Studio on Physical Autonomy

Tantra Studio is ready, and takes up the issue of “my body, my choice,” and the role of Thresholders. This link contains all recent episodes as well.

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