Now available for instant access — the 2021-22 Cancer Astrology Studio, alongside other readings whether it's your Sun, Moon or rising sign. More details inside.
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Calling all Cancers
The best reading for your money. And the best reading for your time.

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Solstice is upon us, and the Sun has entered the sign Cancer. This is about you if you are born with this important water sign as your Sun, your Moon or your rising sign.

Accordingly, Astrology Studio for Cancer is now ready. It has turned out to be the deluxe edition, at about 90 minutes (with an extra section going into detail on Mercury stationing direct). This reading covers the themes of relationships, finance, and your sense of purpose as a guiding force for the people around you, as indicated by Chiron in Aries. I highly recommend An Aquarian Era for your sign, a book-quality written reading that will complement your audio reading beautifully.

We are also offering a package of written and audio readings. Or, you can have Cancer Astrology Studio and An Aquarian Era for Cancer together at a special discounted rate.

Eric Francis.
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Cancer: the Epicenter of Current Astrology

Sometimes being born under your sign feels like living on the Bay of Fundi (shown above), where the daily tides measure 50 feet — or more than 16 meters. And right now, the tide is rolling in.

In many ways, Cancer is the epicenter of the current astrology, as so much is developing in the cardinal signs. You are looking right at the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, and also at the profound effects of Chiron, Eris, Logos and many other potent archetypes.

Each year, I offer you a reading at the time of the solstice, which covers all major placements in the sign Cancer.

Many wonder how this can work so well if I don’t have your birth time and place. How is this not a “general reading”? Well, nobody can give a 75 minute “general reading.” It is specific to transits, an understanding of your sign, and an understanding of astrological history the past 25 years. Whether this is about talent or cultivated skill, there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.

Some Recent Client Feedback (read all feedback here)

As one of my clients recently wrote:
"I came across your work and I am a person who is utterly renewed."

Another wrote,
"Eric, Thank you, once again, for reminding me of who I really am. The guidance on how to approach the people around me and what access they have to me is great!"

And the other day this incredible reader comment came in:
"Recently, I purchased the Taurus 2021-22 Reading and as a long time astrology follower and now a student of astrology this is one of thee best readings I've ever experienced...I was impressed, initially, by the flowing, poetic feel of Eric's reading as well as his soothing manner of speech in a high quality, audio recording. But most importantly, his depth of understanding of the sign of Taurus and the accompanying Whole Sign House chart is astonishing, right down to the subtleties…It's as if my personal subconscious came to light with a shiny upgrade through your General Reading. Who could ask for anything more from a ‘general' reading?!”

It is rare to find astrology this good, and nearly impossible that it could exist for such an affordable price. You will love these readings, and notice the love, devotion and care that I put into them.

Once again, here is the Cancer Studio audio reading, the Cancer Studio plus An Aquarian Era for Cancer (20 pages available immediately), and the Cancer Suite (many available now, Cancer Studio arriving around June 22). Not born under the sign Cancer? You can get a reading for your sign or rising sign here.

Note: if you upgrade to Backstage Pass, we will include all of these.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,

PS — If you have questions or want to purchase, subscribe, or upgrade by phone, please call us at (845) 481-5616. We love getting calls from our customers. If you leave a message, one of us will get right back to you.

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