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Welcome to the Planet Waves Store, where you will find a little bit of everything astrological created by Eric Francis. Considered one of the most trusted astrologers of his generation, Eric has created many ways to bring you astrology in a way that's helpful and easy to understand: subscriptions to his horoscopes, e-books that teach you astrology, and audio reports designed to provide insight and clarity into your growth. If you're new to Planet Waves, be sure to check out the free trial subscription to our premium astrology and horoscope service. You'll find it by choosing "Planet Waves Subscriptions" linked below.

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Planet Waves by Eric Francis

Planet Waves by Eric Francis
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readings plus a newsletter
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Planet Waves Light

Just the astrology, in short
format. Planet Waves Light
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Listen: Your 2013 Horoscope
By Eric Francis

Order your 2013 horoscope now.
Members receive a substantial
discount. To order by phone,
contact Chelsea during Eastern
business hours: (877) 453-8265
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All-Access Pass

With the All-Access pass, you get incredible benefits including: 12-month membership extension; birthday readings for all signs; the annual edition for all 12 signs; access to best-selling special reports and e-books; astrological research/lookup service...

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Invocation of Spring 2013

Invocation of Spring 2013 is a call for you to be fully present in your sexual desire, your relationships and love: a holistic map for co-creating relationships that fit all aspects of who you are -- and who you are becoming...

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Readings by Eric Francis

Eric offers fantastic, affordable
audio readings for your sign
and rising sign

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