Emotional Waves of 2007
Waking Up is Hard to Do
By Christine DeLorey

Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.
-- The I-Ching

2007 is made up of the sensitive, intuitive 2, two revealing and emphatic 0s, and the introspective, intellectual 7.

2007 is a 9 global year (2+0+0+7 = 9). This combination intensifies everything on an emotional level, and has an important impact on the future -- by taking us back to areas of the past where we did not learn what was meant to be learnt, and which are now preventing us from moving forward.

9 is the number of endings, dramatic situations, EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION, diversity, sympathy, compassion, HUMANITARIANISM, letting go, DISPENSING WITH guilt and blame, tolerance, acceptance, learning to live and let live, seeking roads to peace not war, inventiveness, creative impulse, SURVIVAL, and EVOLUTION.

The 9 vibration encourages us to accept ourselves as we are, and become confident enough to let down our guard in relation to image, status, and materiality. 9 reveals our individual "smallness" in the grand scheme of the human journey, but also stresses the importance of upholding individuality as the basis of life's amazing diversity. 9 gives us perspective, without which we can never gain true understanding.

2 emphasizes the feminine aspects of life, and is also emotional in nature. 7 emphasizes the masculine aspects and is mental in nature. The two zeros in 2007 tend to amplify everything, including the differences or "gaps" that have developed between individuals, and humanity as a whole. These numbers will show us just how great those gaps have become, and can help us devise ways to bridge and heal them.

2007 is a year of facing reality, dispensing with pettiness, setting new priorities, reconnecting, and finding common ground. When 2 and 7 combine, there is also an emphasis on accountability and how all of us have a problem when it comes to admitting to mistakes, and with allowing dogma to prevent further understanding. It will be in our best interests to actually seek out our own areas of stubbornness, and accept the fact that we are all still learning the ropes of life and living.

2007 will make us more alert than usual, more eager to see things as they really are, and will help bring us out of the state of denial we have been in forever. Our desire to understand reality is becoming greater than our fear of facing it, and especially our fear of being afraid. It seems that it's not "fear itself" we need to fear, but our fear of fear itself. Denied fear eventually results in our becoming 'frozen' in fear, causing paralysis of one or several of our abilities, including our ability to think for ourselves and make decisions that are right for us.

Here is an example of something we should fear. Antidepressants. The pharmaceutical companies knew many years ago that these drugs are actually depressants and cause people to kill themselves. They work by cutting us off from our emotions at the brain level, in the inane belief that if you can't feel anything, you can't feel sad. The truth is that if you can't feel anything, you cannot feel love, you cannot feel hope, you cannot feel a sense of purpose, you cannot feel any reason to live, and you cannot imagine what it would FEEL like to throw your life away, or what it would feel like to lose someone you love to a drug induced suicide.

And to think we are actually drugging -- zombifying -- our children to stop their feelings from being expressed. A school matron recently told me that she has no problem with dispensing these pills because, "the benefits outweigh the side effects." NO THEY DON'T! Not for any possible reason you can come up with, including the myth of 'chemical imbalance' which, even if it exists, is an effect, not a cause. Pharmaceutical poisons are stealing the minds of an estimated 10 million American children and 30 million American adults by deadening their feelings.

Why has there been so little outrage -- anger -- over the dreadful and worsening state of affairs the Bush administration has 'led' us into? Could it be that one in every ten Americans are taking so-called antidepressants and actually don't care what's happening? Of course, this does not only apply in The United States. Antidepressants are indeed a global menace. It is not only money that the drug companies have at stake here. Their role is also to keep the Will of humanity subdued, numb and dumb. Killing the feminine side of our nature, our feelings, is the only way to keep the old system going. This must first be feared -- in order to be stopped.

9 is the number of expanded awareness -- the seeing of a much larger picture. As we continue to learn what needs to be feared and what does not, the general effect will be more soothing and healing than we may have imagined, even though the chaos may continue, and fear will be triggered, for a long time to come. So, in the words of Anthony Robbins, "Let fear be a counselor, not a jailor."

Once we realize the potential power of our emotional (feminine) energy, a power we have been reluctant to access because the system taught us that emotions denote weakness, life will automatically become an easier experience, because the more we allow ourselves to feel our true feelings, the more whole we become -- and the more experienced and capable we become at holding the balance of masculine and feminine, intellect and emotion, electricity and magnetism, spirit and will.

We are evolving rapidly as our masculine consciousness and feminine feelings start to notice each other's value and accept each other as equals. What an exciting time to be alive. But, of course, as the old slave-like system continues to collapse, it is also a highly volatile and emotional time which can affect any of us, personally, at any given moment.

Humanity is moving through its own chaos -- the chaos of many lifetimes -- and we can eliminate much inner pressure by understanding that we cannot possibly know or prepare for everything in advance. In order to become the inventive (creative) beings we are meant to be, we must find the courage to let go of certain restraints that we used to see as safeguards. Authentic freewill enables us to survive, and thrive, on a sensory, intuitive, and spontaneous basis, and 9 will help us regain our deadened senses if we do our part and allow ourselves to feel them.

9 is the number of LETTING GO -- an essential evolutionary act which will help to ease this violent transition between the aggressive 1000s and the nurturing 2000s. The merging of millennia is no minor event in humanity's journey to freedom. It involves the major shaking up of energies, feelings, positions, points of view, denial, and reality itself. Peace will eventually occur. But when? How long will it take? Who knows? Probably for as long as it takes us to locate, feel, accept and heal the backed up emotional havoc within us, and develop the courage to let go of it -- without hurting ourselves or anyone else in the process.

We are not separate from what is going on in the world. Everything we do contributes to reality in some way, and we must therefore find the courage to express our feelings about the very system which mocks emotions and labels them 'unacceptable'. 9 is the number of emotional expression, and it is unlikely that our feelings can be held back this year. The OUTRAGE has been building and outgrowing the fear. The next stage is release -- OUTCRY.

This is a time in which LOVE can be born into the chaos, for the purpose of soothing, healing, and calming the chaos down. It seems impossible that we will reach a position of calm this year, or for many years perhaps, but what we can learn from the 9 energy, which can certainly take us out of denial and help us to take the right roads and approaches towards eventual peace. The potential is enormous.

2007 is the end of an era in the human journey -- a major turning point at which indifference or paralysis cannot help but take us further into a world of war, slavery, environmental disintegration, and chaos. "Stay the course" has been its rally cry. However, this does not just apply to the chaos in the Middle East. No matter where we live, we must recognize instances in our own personal lives where we are stubbornly refusing to change direction. Then, we can move with 9's evolutionary spirals, away from the old warlike ways, to the next stage of our journey, which seems to be learning how to make peace with our enemies. But, as always, this must start with the war going on inside each one of us -- the sexual war between our masculine minds and our feminine emotions. It always comes back to that.

2 is the number of DIPLOMACY and PEACE MAKING, which is very different from the spin and peace-keeping we have come to expect. Peace cannot be "kept." Keeping something implies that it is being held by force rather than allowed to flow naturally. Peaceful intent really is the issue here. And, again, while all this is so obviously playing out on the world stage, we must be able to recognize the extent to which similar 'power' situations are occurring in our own lives.

Diplomacy is not diplomacy if all sides of the story are not being considered. Everyone involved must be prepared to make concessions and, in the end, needs to feel satisfied with the decisions made. We have yet to see the results of true diplomacy at work in this world. Leaders have seldom had the good of the whole in mind. It was always a power play of one kind or another. The leaders involved have not suffered. The people have. Deep feelings have been triggered over many generations and, in many cases, are boiling over uncontrollably now.

Achieving authentic Freewill is essential to our survival. Humanity is not all there is to life, but we are a major part of life nonetheless. Therefore, the freer we are to BE who we are, to exist as we want to, and be where we want to be, the more easily and peacefully life can flow. But this level of freedom is so feared by those who are afraid of losing what they have, and those who want to be in control of everything, that fear has reached its highest peak in that regard -- sheer terror. And there can be no greater terror than war because of its scale and scope.

The term "war on terror" is a battle that cannot be won. You cannot go to war with an emotion, not from a military standpoint anyway. Those who have led this effort are, and I believe we will see evidence of this soon, the most frightened people on Earth. Bullies always are. They want to eliminate fear because they believe that they themselves are in danger of being consumed by it. Instead of 'owning' and taking responsibility for their own feelings, they use fear in any way they can to control everything around them.

9 encourages us to seek authentic freedom which, of course, cannot be defined by anyone but the individual involved. Surely, real success is a matter of being able to live your life exactly as you want to live it. However, it is apparent that if our quest for freedom curtails someone else's, neither we nor they are free. Quite a conundrum! How on Earth can we achieve true freedom then? That is one of the burning questions that 9 can help us answer, if we will only allow the emotional movement necessary for us to ask the right questions, and to accurately understand the answers as they occur to us.

The answers we need in 2007 are lost in the past, and we will need to go BACK in order to learn what is stopping us from going forward, individually and collectively. 9 is the number of cause and effect and, in order to understand reality as it is now, the chaos has to be looked into very deeply until the patterns can be detected and the dots can be connected.

We are all looking for our true homes in this world -- and we need to find them -- because nothing is more freeing to our souls than the feeling of belonging, and of knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Of course, achieving this could be the work of a lifetime, who can tell? But, in 2007, at least the concept of such freedom is likely to dawn on a lot of people who, previously, were unable to see beyond the accepted norms. People really are waking up. But it's a slow and often painful process.

It will be hard to keep up with everything that is going on in 2007, and there may be long moments when we believe we cannot get through whatever is happening. But the 9 global year evokes bravery, and with all the fear-mongering that has been flying around in recent years, we could all use some 9 courage to help us face uncertainty with inventiveness rather than hopelessness. We are potentially much stronger and more capable than we have allowed ourselves to realize! The numbers 2, 7 and 9 share a very important characteristic. They are all seeking TRUTH. So, be prepared to be deeply enlightened this year!

9 provides encouragement and the strength and foresight to persevere. It achieves this by showing us how things could be if this happens, or that happens, or if this or that were no longer happening. 9 has a tendency to mirror the principles of cause and effect into our everyday lives, as well as into events taking place on the world stage -- the big mirror itself.

Of course, as the old system continues to break down, we are bound to see and experience things that we would never wish for and, at those times, we must remember that 9 urges us to LET GO, which is perhaps the hardest part of CHANGE. However, letting go is also the emotional effort, the drive forward, which enables us to utilize 9's spiraling action that takes us to the next evolutionary position.

Being afraid to let go is a large part of what is keeping the old system in place, and there is logic to that fear since we have no idea what life on Earth would be like if we did not have this old and flawed system to cling to. Having nothing to hold on to is one of our biggest fears -- terrors actually. Obviously, we must learn to hold ourselves up by our own volition. We must learn to become more independent, no matter what our circumstances happen to be. That's a tall order considering we have been living in a system whose very survival was dependent upon our being dependent on it. Consequently, over many generations, we were fed a lot of misinformation and untruths in order to keep us propping the system up. The system defined who we are as individuals, and our very concept of individual power was sucked, automatically, into the unfeeling, uncaring machinery of what we believed was simply 'life'.

How can we be free when we allow others to set the rules and pace of our existence? How can we be free if we are dependent on and answerable to those few we call 'the powers that be'? How can we be free when the 'powers that be' do not hold themselves accountable for anything? How can we be free when our lives are tracked, and decisions are made for us, from the moment we are born to the day we die?

That old system is collapsing, but there are many things worth preserving. The new is trying to form, and the denials of the past must not be allowed to contaminate it. Our challenges are many this year. We must develop greater acceptance of and compassion for other people and living beings. We must simultaneously survive the endings and help shape the new beginnings based on the new understandings that those endings teach us. And we must be able to admit our mistakes in the first place. All of this is being reflected back to us in the events taking place globally, but it is we individuals who can change the script by deepening our understanding of cause and effect, and honestly expressing whatever feelings arise.

The events triggering our emotions in the present can help us locate those old backed-up (and often bitter) emotions that have accumulated over the course of lifetimes and which, in most cases, are near a bursting-point. We have already seen some uncontrollable bursts of old emotion coming out of the likes of actors Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. What we were seeing there was not the ugliness of feminine energy, but of what happens to feminine energy when it is held back and denied access to what it needs more than anything else -- expression. We are likely to see more of this during the emotional 9 global year and since we all suppress our feelings to a huge extent, we will probably do some 'blurting' of our own. But while these old denied emotions need to be healed, not hated, they can also be dangerous if there is no love in the intent of the individual involved. We can learn from such events, but we must not allow other people's emotional expression to become a form of entertainment but, rather, the evolutionary movement that it is. Healing cannot take place in an atmosphere of blame, guilt, contempt or mockery. Besides, we each need to focus more on our own feelings than those of other people.

9 takes us into the past, not only to rectify mistakes, but also to find and heal parts of ourselves (physical, mental and emotional) which were discarded, injured, forgotten, trapped or held captive along the way. Without those essential parts, we cannot be whole. In the 9 energy, for as long as we remain in denial of reality and how reality is making us feel, events will continue to intensify and trigger us until further denial becomes impossible.

Thankfully, 9 has a tendency to stir the compassion in our hearts. One of 9's main functions is to teach us about the power and purpose of our feminine feelings, and that there is no feeling greater than LOVE. In 2007, we are likely to see a massive call for peace, love and understanding, as well as renewed efforts to uphold human, animal and environmental rights. 9 is the number of kindness, humanitarianism and selflessness.

2007 is the first 9 global year of the new millennium -- the only 9 global year we have ever experienced which does not contain the number 1. However, before we can understand the true nature of the number 2, which is the predominant number of the 2000s, we must revisit the number 1, the symbol of the old system.

1 is the number of THE INDIVIDUAL, SELF-AWARENESS, CHANGE, LEADERSHIP, ORIGINALITY, INDEPENDENCE, OWNERSHIP, SPEED and PROGRESS. We did not gain full understanding of those things during the 1000s, but this year's 9 energy is giving us a chance to do so now, especially in January -- the 1st month (1), October, the 10th month, (1+0 = 1), and November, the 11th month which is made up of two 1s, and symbolizes the transition from 1 to 2 (1+1 = 2) -- a combination of "I think therefore I am" and "I feel therefore I think."

Since the beginning of the new millennium, 1 has taken quite a jolt as it learns that other numbers do indeed exist and that peaceful CO-existence is necessary. Spirit is learning to accept parts of itself that it has always tried to ignore. Spirit is growing, evolving, becoming whole -- and the growing pains are real and intense! Spirit IS number 1, and number 1 will always be number 1. It will always lead because it is the first number. But in this interim decade of the double zeros, it must learn HOW to lead. It is through the number 1 that humanity is learning that leading by force, manipulation, or the elimination of what we do not like or understand, simply doesn't work and never did.

1 is the number of LEADERSHIP -- something else we learned very little about over the past thousand years. We are learning now that leadership is not a matter of enabling a few to have control and power over the masses. That is not leadership. That is follow-ship. True leadership is a matter of being able to LEAD oneself in a state of Freewill, to make decisions which ORIGINATE from the individual and, if possible, of helping others to do the same. Yes, there is a role for government in the 2000s -- which is to maintain the balance of life (equality) so that ever expanding openness can provide the basis for freedom.

1 also teaches us that Freewill is not 'positive thinking' by the mind but is, rather, the mind's acceptance of our various emotions as its source of knowing anything beyond what we learn by rote. One of the greatest difficulties for un-evolved 1 energy is accepting that it is not always 'right'. Masculine number 1 finds it very hard to admit mistakes or even ask for directions; after all, he is supposed to be leading, right? Perhaps he would be seen as weak if he stopped to ask the way from people who know the terrain, find his bearings, and change course if necessary. It sometimes seems that un-evolved masculine energy would rather die than admit that it got something wrong.

1 is the number of EGO and, although we need this sense of self to know who we are and why we are here, ego does need to regain its balance. This applies to all of us, and entails that point of balance between ego that is arrogantly over-inflated and that which is dismally deflated. It is interesting to note that denied emotions related to ego often become painfully trapped in our knees.

Be aware of your body's reactions to this year's intense inner movement. For instance, when we want to deny the feelings of grief or sadness, we shove them into our lungs and respiratory system where they languish away and become toxic. Before long, we cannot breathe. The next time you have a hacking cough, consider that it could actually be some old grief or sadness that is so desperate to do what it needs to do -- MOVE, FLOW and EXPRESS ITSELF -- that it is now, literally, trying to hack its way out of your body. In an effort to heal itself, the physical body 'speaks' to us in such ways and, as denial continues to lift, we will find these mind-body-emotion 'connections' much easier to read and act upon.

This is all part of 9's 'undoing' of the old programming of a self-consuming system. No wonder we often refer to ourselves as 'consumers', rather than people. Some beliefs are so deeply ingrained that it may seem impossible to release ourselves from those painful knots which keep us tied to the system, and which we have become 'used' to, and numb to. We are afraid that undoing the knot would be more painful than just leaving it as it is.

The healing art of massage may become more popular than ever this year as we realize that those 'knots' in our physical bodies are actually manifestations of denied emotions and old programming which are trying to surface and escape from the body's confines.

Life's massive network of CONNECTIONS is what makes us ONE, and 9 points out the amazing diversity of humanity, both individually and as a whole. We cannot discard the individual just because we are moving from the "I AM" to the "WE ARE." On the contrary: only the acceptance of individuality can bring about peace. Humanity is at war with itself because we are unable to accept our diverse nature. Only by accepting ourselves first, and loving ourselves for who we are, can we ever hope to accept and love others. The whole may be one, but it is comprised of the many.

The MIND (masculine energy/Spirit/consciousness/electricity) has resisted FEELING (feminine energy/emotion/Will/magnetism) for so long that feeling anything at all has become extremely painful for most people -- rather like the return of sensation to a part of the body that had gone numb. Denial is a cunning captor, and waking up to reality really is hard to do, especially when we realize that the numbing and dumbing-down process has enabled stupidity itself to rise to the very top of the 'power' chain.

Without our emotional feminine energy, there can be no intelligence. And yet, despite the effectiveness of that process, our survival instinct, our most primitive and essential emotion (situated in the base chakra in the color red), has through its ability to express anger (rage at this point), enabled us to hold on to our intellect and see, clearly, that those who are leading us are more numb and dumb than we ourselves could ever be.

It is this ability to FEEL, SENSE and INTUIT (feminine magnetic energy) that is keeping our electrical, masculine minds open. And all of that is going on within that other major aspect of who and what we are -- our physical bodies. The body is NOT just a worthless shell to be discarded at death. With such an unloving attitude towards our bodies, no wonder we get sick and die before our time! As we realize the extent to which we have been poisoning our bodies with stuff that the system has told us is 'food', or 'medicine', our knowledge of proper nutrition is likely to increase significantly, along with a greater appreciation for just how important our physiology really is, and how the balance between mind and emotion must include the body in a threefold union. From this perfect balance in 3, the fourth dimension is born -- unconditional love.

We are also recognizing that we tend to live in belief systems, not freedom. Even the word 'democracy' has been misunderstood for freedom. Democracy is a system of voting, that's all. It's not that there is anything wrong with democracy when it is practiced with freedom in mind, but there is also a tendency for any of these dogmas to claim to be right, and the only way to go. No matter what belief system we happen to be tied to, it is important to see how it is being spun and given truthiness (thank you Stephen Colbert) on the world stage.

In the 1000s, emotions were regarded as human weakness. In the 2000s, we are learning that they are part of our natural power as individuals. For as long as they are subdued and vilified, we cannot be free, nor can we ever achieve peace. War is a reflection of the inner battles we have all been fighting in an effort to stop ourselves from having to live openly in reality. In short we have been at war with ourselves individually, and this is reflected as humanity being at war with itself. But without our feelings to help us sense and 'know' the futility of this, we will lack the strength to change it.

1 is the number of THE PIONEER, a characteristic we need to find within ourselves so that we can enter the 1 global year of 2008 (2+0+0+8 = 10; 1+0 = 1), with the WILL to set our own individual courses according to what we truly FEEL.

The numbers are not here to rule us -- but to show us.....

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