Small World Stories, the 10th annual edition of Planet Waves, was created by some old timers and some new arrivals to our drum circle. As I've been working these weeks -- barely leaving the house -- I've had numerous flashbacks to doing the past nine annual editions of Planet Waves, all of which I remember like it was yesterday.

But as for today...

Anatoly Ryzhenko in the Ukraine has coded the pages and got the whole thing to walk and talk like a website, basically mousing around the clock for the past month. Honestly, I have never seen anyone work as hard as this man. Danielle Voirin, working from Paris, Chicago and New York, created and selected more than 60 photos, coordinated production and assisted with page design. Reader stories were edited by Mary Laura Mau in the Kingston area. She also helped organize the project and keep me calm during its busiest weeks.

I’ve had a lot of help with the astrology this year. Tracy Delaney in Wales has worked with me to decode the minor planets, particularly Eris, Pluto, Hylonome, Cyllarus and a bit of Chiron. Kirsti Melto in Finland worked closely and tirelessly with Felicia Chan in Ireland creating Planet Wiki, our source project for the minor planet articles. Kirsti has contributed extensive original research to this process. I am indebted to my minor planet teachers, particularly Laurie Burnett, Melanie Reinhart, Martha Lang Wescott, Phil Sedgwick, Robert von Heeren and Barbara Hand Clow, for aiding and abetting my work on this topic.

Paloma Todd generously assisted with the horoscopes, going over them between the first and final drafts, and playing Moon to my Sun with this daunting responsibility of supposedly telling people about themselves. Jessica Keet has copy edited the horoscopes.

Priya Kale did additional astrology research. Deirdre Tanton assisted with page design. Sara Churchville and Liz Gordineer assisted as copy editors. Christopher Clark programmed the sales system. Clare Miller helped process numerous orders that came in by phone. Beth Bagner showed up at all the right moments. Mick Zackery provided real estate support. Chelsea got a heck of a lot done despite having a new little kid to take care of, named Eli, who was born during production of this project.

Many thanks indeed.