Fine Art Prints

Hi everyone, it's Dani. You haven't heard from me yet, but you've seen what I've been looking at for the past couple of months. Taking my Small World Stories-inspired crystal ball out into the streets has been great fun. It has altered my vision, compelling me to look at anything and everything through this warped circle, so much so, that it may take me awhile to adjust to shooting without it.

This little object has sparked conversations all around Paris. People routinely slow down as they pass by and if we make eye contact they hesitantly ask, "Um, what do you SEE there?" So I let them look through the globe, then at the screen on my digital camera and we bond like two kids looking at the world through a loupe. And I feel like I've just won a precious prize, getting a Parisian to smile. In Chicago and New York pedestrians have been less curious, but some do slow down and look with a raised eyebrow. And no matter the city, the kids always smile up at me.

I'm grateful to Planet Waves for giving me the opportunity to create this series of images. It has been a trip, one that will be continued.

So the photos are now freed from the web world and available as fine art prints. They measure 12x18 inches, are printed on my favorite fine art rag paper (it's like velvet), signed and matted, making them 18x24 inches.

For more details and price info, please contact me at or 845-338-2011.