Events of 2008
By Priya Kale

Jan. 2, 2008 - Mars (29+ Gemini) opposes Pluto (29+ Sagittarius) -- squaring the Aries point - 4:34 PM EST

A retrograde Mars at 29+ Gemini, makes it's second opposition to Pluto at 29+ Sagittarius, with the Sun now at 11+ Capricorn. Mars also trines the North Node and sextiles the South Node; Pluto trines South Node and sextiles the North Node.

The nodes of the Moon have ingressed Leo and Aquarius with the North Node at 28+ Aquarius. The Moon at 9+ Scorpio herself, just made an exact opposition to Ceres 9+ Taurus. The Moon also forms a close water trine to Pallas (closely conjunct Uranus) at 10+ Pisces.

Saturn now retrograde is also forming an earth trine with the Sun and Ceres, with the Scorpio Moon and Pallas completing the kite pattern.

This is a story that began in late September last year when these two planets made their first of three oppositions. We're only getting started on this crackling journey of Aries Point events through 2008 -- a year of rapid personal and global change. Late in December, Mars and Pluto will meet in a conjunction -- a grand finale befitting our year of transformation.

Feb. 6, 2008 - Annular Solar Eclipse - New Moon (17+ Aquarius) with Aquarius stellium - 10:44 PM EST

The Annular Solar Eclipse occurs today at 17+ Aquarius. The Ascendant is at 22+ Libra, and the eclipse forms a stellium in the 3rd house in Aquarius, with Chiron at 15+ degrees, Mercury at 16+ degrees Rx, Neptune at 21+ degrees, Vesta at 21+ degrees and the North Node at 27+ degrees Rx. The eclipse also sextiles Juno at 18+ Sagittarius in the 2nd house.

The planets form a loose grand trine with the Libra Ascendant (22+ degrees), and Mars at 24+ Gemini. Forming a loose kite formation to the trine are Juno at 18 + Sagittarius and Pluto, recently ingressed Capricorn and squaring the Aries Point at 00+ Capricorn.

The nodes have shifted to Leo-Aquarius and this is the first in the series of eclipses we will have on this axis in the coming 18 months. Eclipses in themselves are revelatory by nature, but in the sign of Aquarius, (ruled by Uranus the awakener and celestial jester) Chiron, Mercury, Neptune, Vesta and the North Node in a stunning stellium -- anyone who has managed to sleep through this winter astrology is surely in for an awakening. We can all get ready to start doing things radically differently -- now.

Feb. 20, 2008 - Total Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon 01+ Virgo  -- 10:30 PM EST

The Sun (01+ Pisces) opposes the Moon (01+ Virgo) and the South Node (27+ Leo), and Saturn (05+ Virgo Rx). The Sun also is in a tight conjunction with Vesta at 01+ Pisces.   Also at the time of the eclipse Pluto is very active as he receives aspects from the Sun and Moon in the form of a sextile and trine respectively.

There are now four planets and the North Node in Aquarius --  Venus at 04+ degrees, Mercury at 08+ degrees, Chiron at 17+ degrees, Neptune at 22+ degrees. Chiron squares Ceres at 17+ Taurus, who is in a close separating trine to Jupiter at 13+ Capricorn.

This is the last in the series of eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces axis that we have been under the influence of for the past 18 months. Eclipses usually take place in pairs (solar and lunar) and are telling of an ongoing, unraveling mystery. They often have a way of picking us up and putting us back on the right track if we have strayed, acting as a cosmic compass.

With Mercury now direct and closely conjunct Venus and Neptune on the North Node makes this a rather creative aspect pushing past mental boundaries to higher realms of consciousness; as long as we don't give in to the overly critical tendencies of the Virgo Moon and Saturn on the South Node.

Mar. 7, 2008 - Mars 00+ Cancer opposes Pluto at 00+ Capricorn -- squaring the Aries Point -- 3:59 AM EST

Mars (00+ Cancer) and Pluto (00+ Capricorn) make their third and final opposition, aspecting the Aries Point, hours before the Pisces New Moon at 17+ Pisces, forming a tight conjunction with Uranus at 18+ Pisces.

The chart has 24+ Capricorn rising with Pallas at the Aries Point (01+ Aries) forms a T-Square to the Mars-Pluto opposition.

Mars is in a close trine with the NN, and sextiles the South Node and Saturn. Pluto sextiles the North Node and closely (approaching exact) trines the South Node and Saturn.

There are four planets in a close conjunction in the North Node at 27+ Aquarius; Venus is at 23+ degrees, Neptune 22+ degrees, Mercury 20+ degrees and Chiron at 18+ degrees. There are also four planets in close conjunction in Pisces including the Sun, Moon (New Moon), Uranus and Vesta at 09+ degrees.

This is the third and final opposition between these two planets, bringing us to the mid-point of a long but inevitable cycle of transformation that began back in September last year. The aspect is another in a string of Aries Points events, as it squares 00+ degrees of Aries a point associated with personal events quickly taking on a larger-than-life, political importance.

Asteroid Pallas is also conjunct the Aries Point at this time -- keep your eyes peeled on the news. We may see some important developments with the Middle East crisis at this time. With Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, Venus and Vesta in an Aquarius stellium hours away from the New Moon later today there is a strong sense of idealism. The New Moon is also in a close conjunction to Uranus -- another strong omen of a radical shift in our collective consciousness.

Mar. 21, 2008 - Sun (01+ Aries) square Pluto (01+ Capricorn) -- Sun at Aries Point / Spring Equinox -- 3:34 AM

After yesterday's ingress into the Aries -- marking the Spring Equinox, the Sun at 01+ Aries squares Pluto (direct in 11th house) in Capricorn. Juno at 27+ Sagittarius closely conjunct Pluto, with the Sun approaching it's conjunction to Pallas at 06+ Aries.

Chiron at 19+ Aquarius is in close conjunction to Neptune at 23+ Aquarius and the North Node at 27+ Aquarius.

Mercury at 09+ Pisces, is approaching a conjunction to Venus at 10+ Pisces; and Vesta at 16+ Pisces in close conjunction to Uranus at 19+ Pisces.

The Moon at 26+ Virgo is approaching the Libra Full Moon at 01+ Libra -- squaring the Aries Point and Pluto.

Here comes the Aries Point again, as the Sun reaches the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) it conjuncts the Aries Point and squares Pluto at 01+ Capricorn. Like it or not the planets are intent on sweeping us further along the road to a new reality.

Apr. 6, 2008 - Venus (01+ Aries) square Pluto (01+ Capricorn) -- T- square Aries Point -- 10:45 PM EST

Venus still closely conjunct the Aries point squares Pluto now retrograde at 01+ Capricorn. Juno at 29+ Sagittarius (close conjunction to GC) forms a tight conjunction with Pluto.

Along with Venus in Aries, is Mercury at 08+ degrees, Pallas at 08+ degrees, and the Sun at 17+ degrees. The Sun is approaching a sextile to Chiron now at 19+ Aquarius.

Pallas is now approaching a square to Mars at 13+ Cancer -- approaching his opposition to Jupiter at 10+ Capricorn. The Sun is also approaching a square to Jupiter, exact on Apr. 10, 2008.

The Moon at 01+ Taurus, Saturn at 02+ Virgo Rx and Pluto form a earth trine at this time. Saturn at this time, is still closely conjunct the South Node.

Venus is at the Aries Point squaring Pluto upturning buckets of intense passion; on the darker side possessiveness and jealousy. Juno, in a close conjunction to Pluto is saying it's time we redefined our boundaries in our relationships, based on mutual needs and what works. Venus in Aries can be rather impetuous -- like a lit fuse on fireworks, she's off blazing towards what she wants.

Luckily though the Moon, Saturn and Pluto are taming the volcano of passion into reason. If we can remember to keep an eye on the long term, we can view our current surges of desire a little more objectively. This energy has strong sexual undertones but as long as we can keep power struggles or attempts at manipulation out of the equation, sex can now be an immensely transforming healing experience.

Personally or politically the message is -- make love, not war. We could now also start seeing more expressions of feminine power and energy rising in the world.

Aug. 1, 2008 - Total Solar Eclipse - New Moon (09+ Leo) - 5:12 AM EST

The eclipse occurs at 9+ degrees Leo with the Sun and Moon in close conjunction to Mercury at 12+ degrees, with Venus at 24+ degrees of the same sign. The North Node at 18+ Aquarius is conjunct Chiron at 19+ degrees Rx and Neptune at 23+ degrees.

The eclipse squares Vesta at 09+ Taurus in the 10th house. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also in a close approaching trine to retrograde Juno 14+ Sagittarius, closely conjunct the Great Attractor in the 5th house. Venus is now approaching a trine to Pluto -- in close conjunction with the Galactic Core at 28+ Sagittarius. Also Mars is edging towards an opposition to Uranus at 22+ Pisces Rx.

It's eclipse time again as the Sun conjuncts the New Moon in a Total Solar Eclipse at 09+ Leo. At this time, Mercury forms a close conjunction to the lunation; Venus conjuncts the South Node and is in a tight opposition to Neptune -- closely conjunct Chiron and the South Node in Aquarius.

We are learning now to find the balance between personal desire and a more altruistic way of being. Work towards your dreams with clarity; let awareness be the guiding light as we plant the seeds of our souls passion for the coming months. This time between eclipses is always a magical one of change, so for now be aware and dare to reach for the stars.

Aug. 16, 2008 - Partial Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon (24+ Aquarius) - 4:16 PM EST

At the time of the eclipse, all the personal planets, as well as Saturn are in Virgo; Saturn at 9+ degrees, Mars at 28+ degrees and Mercury and Venus in a close conjunction at 11+ degrees and 13+ degrees respectively.

At the time of the eclipse, the Moon and Neptune are in a close but separating conjunction; also closely conjunct the tight North Node - Chiron conjunction at 18+ degrees of the sign.

The Sun is now approaching a trine to retrograde Pluto at 28+ Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury also form a close square to Juno on the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius. Juno also forms a close fire trine with the South Node and sextile the North Node.

There is also an earth trine in effect between Jupiter in Capricorn; Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Virgo and Vestal at 12+ Taurus; with Uranus forming a lose kite to the trine at 21+ Pisces Rx.

At the time of the lunation, the Moon is in close conjunction to Neptune, Chiron and the North Node. This exquisitely intuitive energy is bound to bring us flashes of insight, allowing us to tap into an elevated awareness of how things can be.

Also at this time all the personal planets and Saturn are currently in Virgo. With Mercury, Venus and Saturn in a close triple conjunction forming a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. This is providing a solid earthy base for grounding what is an almost electrifying energy into tangible form.

Nov. 4, 2008 - Saturn (18+ Virgo) opposite Uranus (18+ Pisces) 8:20 AM EST

The opposition takes place with Saturn conjunct the MC (19+ Virgo) and Uranus conjunct the IC, with Saturn forming a close square to Pallas at 20+ Gemini Rx.

Pallas also opposes Venus at 20+ Sagittarius in close conjunction to Pluto at 19+ Sagittarius and Juno at 00+ Capricorn (squaring the Aries Point).

The Moon at 24+ Capricorn is separating from its conjunction to Jupiter at 17+ Capricorn -- forming an earth trine to Saturn. The Moon is also in a trine to Mars in the 12th house at 21+ Scorpio.

Mars exacts a square to Neptune at 21+ Aquarius in his trine to Pallas.

We also have an earthy trine forming between asteroids Juno at 00+ Capricorn, Ceres at 00+ Virgo, and Vestal at 05+ Taurus Rx.

Revolution is in the air and this aspect is sure to shake a few trees; we are being challenged to open up to a higher stream of consciousness. Unlike Pluto's transformation -- which is a slow process of stripping away, this is more like having a bucket of cold water wake you from ignorant slumber.

Saturn is now in a supportive trine to Jupiter and the Moon. At best we are learning to channel our inner passionate urges to guide us in making the changes necessary to make our visions a reality.

As for the world, hopefully we will have begun to take our ecological crisis seriously or we may be about to get some sharp reminders from mother nature.

Dec. 28, 2008 - Mars conjunct Pluto square Aries Point (01+ Capricorn) - 2:56 PM EST

Mars conjuncts Pluto at 01+ Capricorn -- squaring the Aries Point and forming an earth trine to Vesta at 00+ Taurus. Juno 20+ degrees, the Moon 21+ degrees, Mercury at 25+ degrees and Jupiter 18+ degrees of the sign. Pallas is rising in the 12th house at 05+ Gemini Rx.

Venus currently at 23+ Aquarius is in close conjunction to Neptune 22+ degrees and Chiron at 18+ degrees.

Saturn 21+ Virgo, is separating from it's opposition to Uranus currently at 19+ Pisces. Ceres at 12+ Virgo is now approaching her opposition to Uranus and conjunction to Saturn.

We end the year like we began -- in an abundance of Cap energy and a potent meeting of Mars and Pluto triggering the Aries Point. This beginning and end of Mars' two year cycle is a fitting end to a year of enormous movement, change and transformation that is taking deep root.

I doubt there will be anyone alive at this time who can deny the interdependency we share with each other; or our ability to change the larger world if we try. Hopefully we will have learned we are indeed ripples in a pond -- what affects one, affects us all.