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Planet Waves Weekly by Eric Francis

We are embarking on some of the most challenging and interesting times of our lives and indeed of many generations. Follow history and the movement of the stars as chronicled in Planet Waves Weekly by Eric Francis.

Called "the leading American astrologer" by daily horoscope meistro Jonathan Cainer, the writing career of Eric Francis is a strange and amazing journey. After exposing some of the most sinister environmental crimes in history, Eric appeared suddenly on the astrological radar as a horoscope columnist, Chiron visionary and social critic in the mid-1990s.

Planet Waves Weekly is a truly unique synthesis of the worldly and the other-worldly, applying the no-nonsense mental discipline of investigative reporting to the intuitive, ethereal world of spirit and metaphysics. It works. A decade of full-time astrological counseling experience grounds Eric's ideas in the real needs of real people, providing you with insight, clarity and a logical basis for faith. The resulting horoscopes and essays convey astrology beyond anything you've ever experienced.

"I have told you often that I find your writing brilliant," says Thea Hendrix, a long-term Planet Waves reader, client and top Hollywood film accountant. "One week a year ago, you wrote something so incredible, I cut it out and pasted my sun, my rising and my moon astrology in my journal. From time to time, the occasion arises when I am writing to someone and I quote these horoscopes. Now I know you wrote it in a column and it was to thousands of people, but it feels completely personal."

Two-thosand-three is a transitional year between two vastly different astrological landscapes, as Saturn, Uranus and Mars embark on their journey across Pisces and Cancer. Chiron and Saturn are building toward their exceptionally rare opposition aspect. In the coming season, we are fast approaching an event in November called the Harmonic Concordance. The energy of our times is building, provoking us to grow, struggle and ask difficult questions in the face of genuine uncertainty.

Planet Waves Weekly is a source of information, resources and sane ideas in our chaotic times: ideas about astrology that include in-depth exploration of spirituality, relationships, sexuality, politics.

"I want you to know how important your work is. It's something I wish I could know about my own work as a writer," a reader wrote recently.

"As I've said before, I love, love, love your work. It's completely unique and inspiring and reflects the work of spirit in your life. Blessings to you and the PlanetWaves friends," another reader wrote in recently.

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