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Introduction to Monkeypox: Overview and Resources

Dear Friend and Reader:

Since I figured you were wondering, we’ve pulled together an overview of the monkeypox issue. First, a question: before the past week or so, had you ever heard of this? I had not. I guess there is a “pox” for everything and everyone, but news of the monkey edition had not reached my news desk.

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Ms. Garrison teaches her version of the theory of evolution to her 4th grade students at South Park Elementary School
In 26 months of covering this stuff seven days a week, we have developed a short list of very reliable sources, all of whom are contributing to our coverage. The commercial media is pushing this hard and fast. Belgium is said to have imposed a quarantine.

One distinctive angle to the monkeypox scenario is that the World Health Organization is spreading the story that this started at a rave in Belgium — therefore, beware of sexual contact, and especially with gay and bisexual men. Really? Again? That is so 1983.

There was an Associated Press story about this today. This version of events is absurd on its face. Raves are not sex parties, and why single out men?

We have prepared an overall summary of the issues, though we have new information since we published this Sunday.

The Claimed ’Spread’ is Really the Digital PCR Device

The claim of “viral spread” is really the spread of the PCR “test," which is historically documented by the United States government (and others) to generate positives out of thin air (or pawpaw fruit, motor oil, water, etc). The “virus” will “spread” as fast as the digital PCR codes can be applied in labs, which is instantaneously. It is a computerized test based on a digital notion of a virus nobody has a sample of.

Not surprisingly, if you look at the scientific literature, you find there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission. People speaking about the issue are making it sound like something somehow got tweaked and the virus got out; in reality, something got tweeted, and a digital test kit got out. Question for the record: who, exactly, designed the primers and the probes, and using what file as the source?

The PCR, or polymerase chain reaction (commonly known as the nose swab test for what is called “covid”) is not a diagnostic device. It is a research tool that, when used properly, finds and amplifies genetic fragments. Those genetic fragments (assuming they were correctly identified) are not evidence of infection, of disease, or even of the presence of virus at any time, past or present.

There is no evidence that the “found" sequences were ever part of a virus. This type of statement is in the emergency use authorization for the “covid” PCR tests. They do not document the spread of infection or disease. They only create the illusion of spread; this is medical fraud.

This Issue Did Not Emerge From Nowhere

Monkeypox emerged seemingly out of nowhere on May 7 (I even have a chart, as the announcement was tweeted — I will go over it on the next Planet Waves FM). As happened in February and March of 2020, this is being done under the cloak of Mercury retrograde.

We are getting a realtime lesson in “how they do this.” Multiple sources point to a monkeypox preparedness planning exercise conducted in March 2021, calling for a rollout of a global monkeypox pandemic in mid-May 2022 in the fictional nation of “Brinia.”

A final report was issued in November 2021. That exercise, similar to Event 201, is not a theory or a rumor; we know what this thing was called, when it happened and who paid for it — Ted Turner, founder of CNN. Which network has wall-to-wall coverage of the thing successfully predicted. Can you stand it?

Please Start Here: Video by Polly St. George

First, Polly St. George, known (accurately) as Amazing Polly, is a Canadian homespun investigative reporter whom I consider the very top of her field. Her video is must see; it is 45 minutes well invested. We have tracked and checked her work closely for the past year or so, and have yet to find a reporting error or unsupported analysis.

She covers the planning exercise calling for a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” planned for mid-May 2022 (i.e., now). Polly has also dug out the official history of claimed (attempted) monkeypox “gain of function” or “dual purpose” (weaponization) research, and also has a report on both the 2021 preparedness exercise and a refresher on Event 201.

Drs. Samantha and Mark Bailey

Drs. Samantha and Mark Bailey of New Zealand (both medical doctors) are historians of the virus issue, including all of its current manifestations. They have prepared a written summary of monkeypox. I am sure we will hear more on Sam’s excellent video channel. She is an engaging presenter, who with her husband does impeccable research into the history of science. I’ll update you when her first video comes out. They debunk the claim of weaponization or gain of function, even though governments claim to do it.

OffGuardian Begins its Coverage

OffGuardian in England has done an impressive job covering scientific issues and is one of the bright spots in the history of alternative media. They have prepared a quick overview of the issues, and I am sure they will have more detailed reporting. They are worth following.

Brownstone Institute

Finally, the extremely cautious Brownstone Institute has provided a summary of the “tabletop simulation” held in 2021. While they are not my favorite source of scientific information, they are excellent on history and policy.

I have prepared an overall summary of the monkeypox issues for you, though some new information has come in since Sunday afternoon. We have ongoing coverage at Covid19 News published by Chiron Return, and funded by our generous donors.

We will have ongoing coverage in Covid19 News and on Planet Waves FM.

The people who are doing this are counting on you to respond in fear, and to not do any reading on the issue. You are supposed to be glued to your television, and are presumed to be too out of it to have any real understanding of the issues, or to care.

We take a different view.



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