More than 50 healers, teachers, helpers, readers and homeopaths have offered their assistance to Planet Waves readers in need of help.
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Need Help? Reach Out.
Planet Waves Help Center is Up and Running

Dear Friend and Reader:

Over the past few days, we have pulled together a help center for our readers.

Eric Francis.
Eric Francis, in the Planet Waves office. That is horoscope writer Patric Walker (1931-1995) in the black and white photo behind me. He is always close by, always whispering in my ear.
In response to my request for supportive people, 50 different therapists, homeopaths, astrologers, readers, spiritual teachers, ministers and a diversity of artists from the Planet Waves community have stepped up to the call to help people who are struggling.

All are willing to work for no cost or greatly reduced fees. 'Work' may mean taking the time to listen to you, or some more structured process. Our primary intent with this project is to help people step out of their isolation and their anxiety.

If you need help, write to us at Remember that most people helping out have been through something similar to what you’re going through, and can relate to your situation.

We Feel Your Pain

Many people are struggling right now. Many are in pain, feeling alienated from or outright rejected by friends and loved ones. Some regret medical choices they made for themselves and their children. Others are so upset, they are afraid to leave the house.

Many among us are feeling depleted, depressed and worn down from the past two years of nonstop abuse, deception and mayhem. While we do what we can to provide free online resources (click, scroll down), many people need someone to talk to or correspond with.

We will do our best to provide that.

For those who want to help others, please write to us — I have no idea how busy this project will be; if word gets around, there could be a good few people seeking assistance.

If you need help, write to us at

To My Friends, Readers & Supporters: Please Contribute

The Help Project is a shared effort between Chiron Return and Planet Waves. We are doing this on our very limited administrative resources, and need your help to carry this urgent and necessary work forward. As the teacher said, "Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto me."

This effort is sponsored by our hardy, remaining few Planet Waves subscribers, who understand this is part of our organizational mission. If you would like to join us, your options are here.

If you want to make a financial contribution toward our offering these no-cost services, you may contribute either to Planet Waves, or to our nonprofit Chiron Return.

Thank you for your generosity and your participation. As Sir Elton said, "We shall survive, we shall take ourselves along" — and leave nobody behind.


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