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Featured Link | Johnny Asia, Guitarist from the Future

Featured Link | Sloan Wainwright, awesome folksinger

Featured Link | The Mountain Astrologer

Featured Link | Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R, Texas). Please let me know what you think of his politics. For a congressman, he strikes me as some kind of prodigy.

Featured Link | Planetary Madness by Jennifer Blue

Featured Link | The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics

Favorite Links... more sex and relationship links will be posted at Eric's new webpage,

New! Astronomy Picture of the Day for many high-res space photos, with commentary by astronomers, of cute little things like M-31 (Andromeda) above.

Refuse & Resist for the latest on Mumia Abu Jamal. More links from there. See "Censorship by Execution," Eric's recent roundup story on Mumia. Also see

The Televisionary Oracle is out of print for a while.

Via's Studio Psycherotica

Professional-quality astrology software for your iMac or G3 from Time Cycles Research

The Philosopher - Jonathan Cainer Daily Horoscope

The Daykeeper - Sally Brompton Daily Horoscope

Loving More Magazine for polyamory info at its finest

Joan Mazza's Dreaming Your Real Self. Eric's Aunt Joan is a Ft. Lauderdale-based dream therapist and author of several excellent books.

The Onion warped & delightful weekly news satires. Go to this link if you are feeling depressed or mad at the world.

Burning Man. See Eric's write up of this wild event at the end of Flashpoints

Club Relate co-ed masturbation club in Florida. Woo hoo!

Diversions a hot weekend party for b/d-s/m'ers.

Adbusters Culture Jamming Headquarters. GREAT spoof ads, like "What was that bump?" (above), incisive social commentary, and much more from these brilliant Canadian lunatics. Tell them Planet Waves says hello.

Twin Oaks intentional community. More links from there...

Horoscopes for You, a big site with lotsa links to all kinds of astrologers. Look for Tarot links from this site as well

Real Astrology by Rob Brezsny

Herstar Astrology by feminist theologian & astrologer Kalli Halvorson

Susie Bright Homepage

All About Sex info for teens and former teens

Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

Betty Dodson Online hot stuff from the Mother of Masturbation. The videos are worth the money, especially the "Selfloving" workshop documentary sex ed, San Francisco-style

Environmental Research Foundatation a truly brilliant, FREE environmental news database by Peter Montague & friends

The Solo Homepage

Johnny Asia for Messiah (and Guitarist from the Future).Vote for Johnny on Judgment Day (his running-mate is Eric Francis, candidate for Vice Messiah).

The Centaur Research Project - an awesome astrological and astronomical resource

New! Flo Higgins, Venus Rising

New! Sloan Wainwright

New! Harrad 2000


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