From Aboard the Mothership Dawn

by Eric Francis

Photo by Eric Francis

(Continuation of "An Open Letter to the Space Brothers")

APRIL 5, 2005 -- A six-mile long spacecraft is not really a spacecraft; it's more like a portable asteroid. It's also somewhere particularly easy to get lost, against which a variety of precautions are taken.
This particular six-mile ship has an unusual property: it can exist in two dimensions at once, which makes it twice as easy to get lost, but also twice as easy to be found, since whoever is looking for you can search on two different levels of consciousness. Interestingly, on the density level we're used to, which they call 4th density or the physical plane, they use dogs when somebody goes missing, however, they're dogs bred specifically for this purpose. I am slightly ahead of my story, except I'll add that these dogs have a particularly sensitive sense of smell, which has been taken to the level of the ability to follow a psychic scent. In other words, they sniff for your mind, and when they find you they're very happy about it, happier than you've ever seen a normal Earth dog, which is saying a lot.

Following the trusted principle that my jokes tend to come true, I boarded a train for Berlin and decided to meet the Space Brothers there. I didn't really think they would fall for the whole White House press conference joke, however, I made sure they got the message in my usual way -- by clicking on the 'contact us' link on their homepage. It turned out that the press conference actually did happen, and it went very well, and Bush fainted while his wife handed a plate of home-made corn muffins to the alien leader, and Cheney refused to show up claiming that the electronic equipment on the ship would mess with his pacemaker -- but it was all suppressed by the media. It's amazing what they can hide from the public nowadays. This one paragraph is the only place you'll read about it till the movie comes out.

They are, incidentally, the Space Brothers and Sisters, so for rhetorical convenience I'm going to call them the Space Cousins, if you don't mind. Besides which, their ideas about gender are different than ours, and after just a few days on this digital asteroid I have several noteworthy things to report about that, and hopefully I'll have time to get into it today, because it's extremely interesting; you have no idea. But the Space Cousins have been keeping me busy with astrology seminars, which I am sure you would rather hear about than how these entities experience their telepathic excursions into the erotic realm.

I have an unusually clear recollection of our first discussion, which I will relate to you as faithfully as possible. I didn't record it. I didn't even take notes. A clear memory just seemed to be available. On rereading, it is a bit technical, but I am sure you will be able to follow.
To fill you in, I took the train to Berlin and first decided to partake in a little tourism and see where the wall once was. My initial letter to the Brothers made no reference as to where they should pick me up, and I have no plans to spend more than one hour a year in Washington DC until the Green Party is in office. But speaking of green, I was standing there, someone pulled up in a green Porsche, rolled down the window, and asked me if I had ever heard of Chiron.
"Yeah, of course," I answered, without even thinking.
The accent was bizarre but familiar, kind of unworldly and alien, kind of spacey -- and then I looked, and recognized their weird, orange, rather stylish sunshades, which will soon be big in London. These particular Space Cousins, tall, lanky ones, dressed in their blue foil suits, have to cover their eyes entirely while they are on the planet, or the ultraviolet rays, of which we have a few too many at the moment, will blind them. Never one to miss a good story opportunity, I jumped into the car with my bags and slammed the door. Suddenly the interior was about as large as a house. The car was what they call a screen, a projection into physical reality that looks like whatever they need it to look like. It works great as long as they all agree on just what that is. If they don't, things can get ugly. Usually they toss a coin and one person is in charge of that part of the trip.
"We have missed your stupid questions," said one who I knew from my last few visits was called Bohm. This was actually a compliment. They value individuals who are willing to make the admission that they don't know something in the form of asking a question.
"Thank you, that's flattering. I'm sure I'll have plenty more before the next hour is up." All our prior meetings had taken place on a rock plateau in High Falls, New York -- not on a vessel of any kind. So this would surely be an experience.
The car-sized house turned down a side street and then lifted off vertically. The world disappeared beneath us. In a moment, we were in a landing dock, and that was that: instant UFO experience. The doors dropped open and I was standing on a huge deck, the size of Central Park, which looked curiously like something I saw in Return of the Jedi.  "Welcome aboard the Mothership Dawn," Bohm said. "We know what you are thinking. Yes, we gave George Lucas the idea for how the landing deck should look."
These people liked to get right down to business, and they were not big on introductions. There were five of them. The other four besides Bohm I had never met, or seen in dreams. But then one particularly tall one took off the orange visor and I recognized her eyes. You could both recognize and tell which sex these creatures were from their eye quality. It was their most distinctive property, and extremely sexy when they looked right at you. She was their astrologer. She also had a lot of rank on her sleeves, which turned out to be academic decoration awarded on the basis of having asked the most stupid questions during her years in training, which were rewarded with both rank and money. As the other three removed their visors, I could see from their eyes that two others were female and one other was male.
We walked toward the closest door; I looked around, amazed at being in the most enormous inner space I had ever seen. In a moment, we were in a conference room. It was just like an Earth conference room, down to the last detail. There were pads and pencils around the table, pitchers of iced water, it smelled weird, and there were baskets of freeze dried mice. Looking at the pad in front of me, I noticed it was from the Holiday Inn in Newark, New Jersey.
"Where did you get these?" I asked.
"That is a stupid question," said the astrologer, whose name turned out to be Voool, only pronounced like it had five long Os and rhymed with drool. "Also the mice are plastic. They are a joke. We were planning to have you here on the 1st, but we left them anyway.
"So there's been a lot going on down on the planet," Voool commented, speaking with a distinct Birmingham, Alabama accent. I guess they wanted to make me feel at home. I knew these entities could speak any language they wanted.
"Yes, the pope making his exit, divisions in the church the whole mess around Terri Schiavo, the royal wedding, the death of Prince Rainier that should be getting a lot more attention, a whole bunch of wars, chaos in the government, baseball season starting and a lot of people feeling really frantic and some who are having the time of their life. Terri is fine, by the way. She is resting upstairs with her publicists. The whole thing worked very well. So, you said two weeks ago that there would be big news this week."
"That I did."
"How did you know that?"
"The Aries Point."
She nodded, with a penetrating glare, searching my mind for inner confidence to match my words. "Good. What about it?"
"Everything about it. The Sun going into Aries was a good start. That's always interesting. Then Mercury retrograding back to the beginning of Aries, which comes on next week, but is already happening now. Mercury comes to within 1.5 degrees of the point and stops right there. There's also an eclipse right at the midpoint of Aries, which is close enough to work. All of these properties magnify things and they multiply one another too. And I don't think it's over. I think there's a lot more about to happen. I've been doing a little studying."
I reached down and dug through my laptop bag for my copy of Transphysical Astrology, and set it on the table.
"Have you been to Nebadon?" Voool asked with her sweet, slight southern drawl.
"No, why do you ask?"
"That symbol you have on the cover. What is it to you?" She was referring to a small metal logo I had stuck on the book, which has a skull with a lightening bolt running through the brain cavity. "That is the official seal of the astronomer-poets of Nebadon."
"Well that makes sense," I said. "To us, it's a bunch of people who played one long song for 30 years. You can copy my iPod, it's loaded. But listen up," I said, and began reading from T.A.
"'There comes an interlude in the life of humanity and individual humans wherein consciousness begins to shift from the singular mind into that of the group. At this point, it is finally possible for the individual to become identified with the soul and with soul purpose. The quality of identification with the group is based on the quality of individuation. Only those who are at least partly individuated can actually be part of a group, because otherwise there will be too much fear of loss of identity associated with involvement. Despite many efforts, currently about three percent of your population is involved in the actual process of individuation. The rest have forgotten who they are, and derive identity from the group rather than contribute their identity to the group'."
I stopped a moment and read ahead, then continued reading aloud. "New paragraph. 'The same process works in individual relationships. Some people derive their identity from relationships, and some contribute and share their identity in relationships. Some are afraid that they will lose their identity; others, aware that people tend to surrender their sense of self, willingly entice them to do that and in a sense take them hostage. Those who take their identity from relationships are, literally, taking, and they can feel like they have nothing to offer. This is the essential message or experience of the Aries-Libra axis. The solution to the Aries-Libra paradox comes when you honestly feel you have something to offer your relationships, which of course merely involves accepting an idea that is always true anyway."
I looked up. Voool and her cousins were listening intently, but I could also feel her presence coming in through what felt like a little door in my forehead. It was like she was standing next to me in my own mind. Then she sprayed something that looked like window cleaner and wiped off my third eye from the inside; no doubt this was a projection, one of their little movies. Suddenly everything became clearer, and I was aware that there were a lot of dogs in the next room, who already seemed to know my name.
I continued reading: "'Aries is the critical meeting point because at its inception, it represents the convergence of the individual identity and the group identity. The Aries Point is where the two ideas or levels of experience, group and individual, converge. There is a kind of transpiration between human and humanity possible at that point, which Neil Armstrong was getting at when he made his famous comment on the Moon. When global events center or coalesce around the point, there is an unusual amount of individuation that occurs'."

I set down the thick blue book. Something suddenly occurred to me. "I guess the presence of Mercury in this chart, which is a rather easy energy for people to access, accentuates the effect."
"That's what we have in our files," Voool said.
"Your files?"
"Yes. When what your mythology records as Atlantis, and our history of your planet records with the name Numenor, experienced its little, well, let's call it an error in judgment, we wound up preserving the astronomical, astrological and other scientific records, and also taking on board several of the more qualified astrologer-priests of that time, some of whom you have met personally in your lifetime because they reincarnated. We thoroughly debriefed them, and they assisted us in cataloguing their knowledge. We don't know for certain how, but some of it was preserved in that little book you have there, though not all of it is accurate. However, what you are saying about the Aries Point is consistent with what we know about how astrology works on your world, and on many others, and we will be very happy to have you see the documents later."
Quite an offer; I was hoping they had a nice copier I could borrow, or at least an Airport connection. "Can we look at the chart now?"
"That would be a good idea. But what chart do you mean? You have been wasting a lot of time with pope charts, which are important for the pope. Try a collective chart."
"Sure, but first I have a question."
She nodded.
"How did it turn out that the pope was born the day of an eclipse, and was buried the day of an eclipse?"
"He was an astrologer, and as you know, he consulted astrologers on Earth. When you want to be well known, that is what you do -- use eclipses in big ways as part of your strategy. It's just about the oldest trick in the book."
"Hmmm. That's pretty interesting. I have noticed that an unusual number of good astrologers are born around eclipses."
"Yes, and usually they can pay the rent," she said.
"Okay, as for a chart. I think that the Mercury station direct chart for April 12 is the hot one."
I dug through my laptop bag, looking for my printed copy with asteroids, centaurs and transneptunians. Suddenly it appeared at the center of the round table at which we were sitting. The planets were not symbols, they were actual illustrations that vibrated with light, like a hologram. There were a lot of them, and they were unmarked, but as I looked at each one, I intuitively knew what it was. Pluto was floating so high above the table it was at nose level. Chiron looked like it was halfway to the floor.
The chart was set up using whole sign houses and using the 'natural' system in which Aries is in the position rising. Like horoscope writers and the ancient astrologers, they had skipped the formality of house cusps. Also, there were two views: the solar system from above, and then floating above it at eye level, another from face-on. This way, it was possible to see the declination, or height of the planets above or below the celestial equator, in cross-section -- kind of like looking at the rings of Saturn from the side rather than above. I had never seen this kind of chart presentation before.
"What do you see? First impression."
I focused on the chart and my mind landed on Mars approaching Neptune in Aquarius. "Disillusionment with violence as a way of life, probably based on some kind of overload about violence or lies told about it, or both. But there is an event that precipitates this. There is something that reminds people of who they are and who they are not. I see a decision about this happening now."
I looked at the Sun exactly on the North Node of the Moon, at 23 Aries. "That," pointing, "is the orientation point. It's something about the effects of the April 8 eclipse. That's when the Sun actually goes through the eclipse door, or the actual change. In the process, it takes every person with it. Everyone goes through a reorientation, whether they realize it, like it, or not. This seems to be a good explanation of why challenging collective events happen around eclipses -- such as when anything gets close to the Aries Point or the Sun gets close to one of the Nodes. In this case, both at once."
"Very good. Let's consider the midpoints."
I was suddenly very nervous, with the feeling of having not done my homework. "I haven't looked at those."
"Do you not consider them important?" Voool asked.
"I just never got into them."
"Consider this. What do you think of theories of astrology that rely on gravity?"
"I think they're dumb theories, because so much of what happens in a chart has nothing to do with gravity. There are numerous nonphysical points, such as the Moon's nodes, the Arabic parts, and the house and sign cusps. They don't really exist, except in theory, or as directions in space. But they are connected to events."
"Have you ever considered how that works?" she asked.
"Yes, all the time. If there are events in space-time that connect, and which connect with astrology, we can infer that there's a relationship between the mathematics behind the astrology, and the corresponding physical reality. Math has a greater influence on our lives than anyone realizes. What we think of as reality is reducible to math."
"We can tell you this," she said, and paused, and then gestured to the space around her.
"The Dawn, our home, exists simultaneously on two density levels. What you think of as normal space-time, or 4th density, is one place we exist. People on Earth call it 3-D, but that's not accurate. 3-D is more like what you see in a static model of the world. It is not animated. In 4-D there is the intersection with time."
I tried to process this. Intuitively it made sense. "We do live in the world of time, but our experience of it seems to be grossly distorted. Most people experience time like they are running backwards through a tunnel. Time seems much wider, in reality."
"That's correct. The 6th density, where we coexist, is a harmonic or parallel world to the 4th density. It's the level of thought, the metaprogramming level that causes what you see. It's where the thoughts that hold up your world exist. It's a little like the relationship between what exists in a computer's programming and what is displayed on the monitor. You cannot change the programming by writing on the monitor or clicking on a Web page. You need a direct way in. To change your life, or the world, you need to get behind things and into the code. The 6th density is behind what you see and experience. It is the level of the code."
I thought about this carefully. She continued.
"Astrology is a convenient way into 6-D because it both reveals and directly accesses the mathematics of your lives, and the relationships between space, time, events and your experience of them. This is why midpoints are so important. They represent what you might call the purely mathematical level of existence. When you look at the astrology you are looking at the programming level. When you look at the world you are looking at the display. What happens in life is very much like a movie. It's a projection from another level, but it's experienced as real. Then people have their unique experiences of these projections. But they are subjective. Few people can agree on anything, unless they are in harmony on the 6th density."
"Is this what some mystics mean when they say life is an illusion?"
"That's right."
"It sounds like 'relative reality' would be a more accurate term." I remembered a similar explanation in a book called The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment.

"It would. But it's not so illusory. If you correct a mistake in a piece of writing before it's printed a million times, that's easier than correcting it on a million individual sheets of paper or emails. That is the relationship between 4th and 6th density," she said.
Something I had long suspected about astrology now seemed very obvious. "So it sounds like when we make choices, starting on the level of programming would be helpful, which is why astrology is such a powerful tool for making decisions. But it also seems like the world itself is a good source of feedback for what is being programmed."
"That's exactly what the world is -- a feedback device. There is only one way into the level of programming in this world, apart from using astrological tools like we are using now."
"And that would be...?"
"Making decisions in each moment, in response to what you feel. It is actually a more direct way of access, and the one that's the least often used. Your kind is actually very much caught in the past and the future, and it is rare that you access this center doorway to reality. Now, here are the midpoints."
They appeared on the display.
"What do you see? Make one observation."
"The Sun-Uranus midpoint is exactly on the Aries point. In other words, in this chart, exactly halfway between the position of the Sun and the position of Uranus is the Aries point. Mercury is sitting right there, nearly stationary, like it's recording everything that's happening. There are actually five midpoints right there, gathered around Mercury."
"What does that say to you?"
"There is a message to the events of the world now. The message is loosen up and let the change in direction happen, and it looks like some people are going to get that message. Some won't like it, but that doesn't seem to matter. I say some people because I see Venus is quite prominent in this alignment. She's the key. Look, the Venus-Uranus midpoint is precisely on the Aries Point."
"How would you translate that?"
"Um, if it's not spontaneous, it's not love. The beginning of love is a spontaneous gesture."
"Good. We are done."
"I have one last question. May I?"
She nodded.
"Do you know if the Pope ever had sex?"
"Once, when he was much younger, in school. It was before he took any vows at all, in this lifetime. And he did not feel good about it. In fact, he felt very, very bad about it. Worse than normal. He panicked, and felt like he was losing contact with God. What really happened in that moment was he was losing his ego, which in his youthful inexperience he had confused with God. He then saw sex as the enemy of what he thought was divinity. He was also extremely scared of women, in particular, as a result. That was the worst effect of his response."
"And that accounts for everything." I said.
"Well, almost everything. There were other factors. This was his fifth attempt at being pope. It did not go as planned. Once again he did not realize that being emperor comes with temptations that make a room full of Hollywood models look like a walk through a candy store. But he did better than the last four times, of that you can be sure. This time at least, he figured out about war."
As I thought about this, I noticed that all the others, Bohm and the three others, were gone. We were alone, lost in thought.
"It's time to go swimming in the light hydrogen pond," she said. That sounded like a good plan. "It's one level up, the third door on the left. You'll find everything you need. Have a good time." ++

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