Mykonos, May 8, 2005

Sun Taurus, Moon Taurus
Dear Friends:
On May 5, I visited Delos for the first time -- the island birthplace of  the twins Artemis, goddess of the Moon, and Apollo, God of the Sun, of light  and divination. I was led to the Cave of Kynthos, which I later learned was a  sanctuary for the worship of Heracles, and subsequently learned was an early  place of worship for Apollo. Given that the temple is built as part of a  natural feature in the land, it's likely to be one of the older ritual  sites on the island.
Using the Thoth Tarot by Crowley/Harris, I cast divination for myself,  however, a portion of the message came through as collective, that is, to be  shared. It was the only portion that I scribed.

After preparing the sanctuary and calling in the directions, I cast the cards on what appeared to be an altar, but later learned was once the base of  a statue of Heracles previously held in the temple (dated, based on fragments  found at the site, to the 3rd century BC). Here is the verbatim  transcript of the message, from May 5, 2005 at 12:21 pm EED:
"We need to remember that we build our community surrounded by a larger  world in which fear seems to dominate. This condition is really a firewalk for  the people on the planet, as the challenge is primarily fear itself.
"We have protection from that fear as long as we make a conscious choice  to stay in the light, and to remember one another. And remember what to do  with the awareness of collective fear: be mindful of the fact that it  represents an impasse after a long history of pain and struggle, which we can view as the death and dissolution of our shared reality -- or as the  opportunity to raise awareness in this moment and recognize that we have  nothing to lose by the choice to love, to take one another's hands, and to  walk through a seemingly impossible situation.
"No matter how closely we align with the state of love witin us and  around us -- no matter how deeply we touch the impossible -- we are reminded  that the body memory of the place we have been is never far from from awareness; for the moment, it comes with us as a potential experience or projection in  the world around us. Inner fear may become an outer experience, as may love.  
"It may be that the abundance of loves enters our lives -- that toward  which all honest seekers direct their true quest. But should it appear, should  this blessing befall you even in the world as it is today, and even as your  life is in the condition it is today, let that experience remind you to face  the source; to acknlwledge the root of the power of love, which is the inner  fountain of life we call self-love, compassion for our existence, and respect  for the life we carry through this world, wherever we may be."
-- e.f.c.

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