Lots More On Chiron Astrology | by Eric Francis

Good morning London. Good morning America. Good morning Baghdad. Here's a selection of essays on Chiron and Centaurs by Eric Francis.

These links are gathered from here, there and everywhere, and don't have paths back to this directory. Please bookmark this page if you're interested in the subject! Eric writes about Chiron astrology regularly in his subscriber newsletter, Planet Waves Weekly. | Born in the Sixties | Born at the Right Time | From Then to Here | Advertising & the End of the World | Myth for our Times | When Astrology Listens | The Centaur Meets the Sea Goat: Chiron in Capricorn | Chiron & Worlds Beyond Neptune | Chiron Between the Worlds | Chiron in Pisces | An Overview of Chiron | Overview of the Concordance, with discussion of Chiron | Harmonic Concordance: A Book About Women | Chiron and Holistic Astrology. | Goddesses of Astrology | For those who want to read books about Chiron, I recommend To the Edge and Beyond and Chiron and the Healing Journey, both by Melanie Reinhart and available from the Astrology Center of America.

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