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Funny Vibes


August 11, 2006


Dear Eric,


On Tuesday evening, after a great dinner with my friends, I had a very strange and disturbing experience.


As I approached my motorcycle I noticed a woman waiting in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, to parallel park her tiny sports car in a parking space that can easily fit two oversized SUV’s. My motorcycle was parked in a space two-car lengths behind her.


Another woman, stuck behind the tiny sports car, is now resting on her horn "encouraging" this woman to park her tiny car already. At this moment it occurs to me that “tiny sports car woman” is waiting for me to move my motorcycle before she parks. As I rush to get closer to my motorbike to help speed up the parking process for this apparent incompetent driver, I notice both women drivers staring at me, one through her windshield and the other from her rear view mirror, both with looks of “Hurry the @#$% up already!!!” Now here’s the strange bit. The moment I reach my motorcycle a surge of chaotic energy rushes at me and then through me. Even the lights on my bike start to blink on and off. I move through the energy, ignoring its affects.


Then, wham, I am pushed off my bike, by this invisible, yet powerful energy and forced to watch as my motorcycle falls to the ground. The woman, in the tiny sports car, then finally backs her car into the oversized space, ignoring me all the while, as the other motorist releases her horn and drives away. I am left confused and exhausted by this energy.


It’s been almost 24 hours since this experience and I am still very depleted by this. I feel I was some sort of conduit for the powerful chaotic energy coming from those two women. I believe it came from those two women…right? Or perhaps, I was not supposed to ride off on my motorcycle at that precise moment. What was that all about?


Warm Regards,


San Francisco, CA


P.S. I am no stranger to “picking up” on people’s energies. It’s quite often I find myself moving away from people or suddenly experiencing a sad or angry energy coming from someone standing too close to me. I’m quite an empathic. However, this seems to be in a class all it’s own.



Dear Norman:


A weird story well told, and I'm so glad you're in one piece! I am with you -- this is a class by itself, but I've experienced similar phenomena. It would help to have an exact chart of the event. If you have that, we can cover it next week. Thanks for writing!


Yours truly,