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World on Fire?


August 4, 2006


Hi Eric,


I have been following Planet Waves as well as Jonathan Cainer's website for some time. I find your style of writing so informative and I would like to commend you for your efforts. For the past year and a half, the whole world seems to be on fire. Everyone around me seems to be going through, or has gone through, a major personal crisis in which their lives have been turned upside down. For me, it hasn't stopped with one episode. It has been quite a rippled effect; once one situation is handled, another comes along to test my strength. I am constantly putting out fires all around me. I am typically very optimistic and proactive and I try to surround myself with positive energy. Does Saturn have anything to do with this negative energy and when will it all lighten up?


Thank you my friend.

-- Shelley D.



Dear Shelley:


Ya... well... the world IS on fire, or plenty of it is. Wars are erupting pretty often and the planet is heating up quickly. The Amazon is getting dryer and the ice is melting. Old glaciers are disappearing. The thing is, most people don't really feel it, they kind of notice, they have heard about it, but for most people, planetary consciousness is lurking in the dim, distant background of awareness.


However, speaking of on fire, I think you are what is doing the most burning. There is fire coming in from every angle of your chart, from your ascendant (Leo) through your 12th house (Pallas, Mercury and Mars), as well as your hot Aries Moon and laser-beam Aries Chiron in the 9th house, and Neptune glowing like cosmic fire in Sagittarius. This adapts you excellently to handling crisis, while at the same time, the fact that three exceptionally potent planets -- Mars, Mercury and Pallas -- are in your 12th house may keep them hidden from your view or easy access for creative use.


The result could be that you're investing a lot of your creative energy into solving problems rather than applying yourself to some generative process. It's very difficult to be an innovator when all you're doing is solving problems (putting out fires rather than getting them going). You may need to make some radical turns in your life in order to get a handle on things -- that is, to take control of your energy and put it to work for you.


You have an extremely interesting ascendant -- 19+ Leo, which is just one degree away from an infamous total solar eclipse that happened seven years ago this summer, on Aug. 11, 1999. I would be curious if you note that date or season as a demarcation point in your life in any way. We are now at the seven year point of that eclipse, which is a natural cycle by itself.


You don't mention what you're doing in Qatar, but the environment in your region of the world is most definitely subsumed in the heat and fire of warfare. Whether you find this appealing or not (I doubt you do), there is definitely an affinity with your chart, in that you are quite acclimated to this kind of energy. But again I wonder whether there is not a more constructive use of your vital force.


Shelley, you need art, passion and adventure -- not crisis.


Eric Francis