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July 28, 2006


Hi Eric


Some thoughts regarding last week's analysis of Bush and Blair's "Live Lunch" conversation.


"Image of Bush, 28 Virgo: "A baldheaded man who has seized power."


I think "baldheaded" refers to sexless. Hair is a symbol for virility. It’s like "a man without the power to satisfy himself or another overcompensates by seizing power."


Fits Dick Cheney perfectly. (Although Laura will tell you it fits Bush, too.)


Also, Jon Cainer had a really good essay on Tony Blair's chart and the relationship to Bush’s. Basically, it said that Blair is being used by Bush. That there’s a blind spot there for Blair. I tend to see his actions in that light – which renders him less heinous, but sadly even more pathetic.


Interesting analysis of the transcript. Geeze… "Yo, Blair..." "Sophomoric, crass imbecile" doesn’t begin to describe it. You really do feel like you’re dreaming when you see that.


Anyway -- Thanks for the analysis!




Deborah in Seattle



Dear Deborah:


Here are some lyrics ( you may enjoy.


And remember, as old Dick Nixon said, "The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous of a weapon as it was in Samson's day."


Eric Francis