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Everyone Makes Mistakes


July 28, 2006


Dear Eric


In the article about Bush/Blair "open mic", you state that the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the eleventh house. The chart you provide shows them in the tenth house.





Dear Cecilia


Here is the chart you're referring to, and the edition is that from last week.


The Sun and Mercury are indeed in the 10th house, good catch. When I make a mistake, I'm always curious how it happened and here's what I see. Mercury and the Sun are intercepted in Cancer in the 10th. They are in the 11th sign from the ascendant -- and if you use whole-sign houses, which I'm trained to do (in addition to the usual house system shown in the chart), Cancer actually counts for the 11th house. So, I think Cancer is working simultaneously as 10th or 11th.


I did not mention the interception -- that is, Cancer has no house cusp going through it. That's a sense of isolation. Bush is "in public" but he he is very isolated. But this, we know.


Thanks for writing in.


Eric Francis