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Two Reader Comments


June 30, 2006 (with chart)


Dear Eric,


Just got another Galactic Core message and thought I'd pass it to you for your opinion. I'm thinking that all the attention and positive reactions to Al Gore's new film on global warming might be another example of the 3/29 solar eclipse. His sun is quite close to the degree of the eclipse and the Saturn in Leo trines it. Also, his Uranus (23 Gemini) trines the Neptune, Venus conjunction in the eclipse chart; his Mars/Saturn (and Pluto) opposes the Neptune/Venus conjunction, and his Jupiter at 29 Sag is close to the Galactic Core and transiting Pluto. Uranus has been going over his Mercury in Pisces, and in the 3/29 chart both transiting Mercury and Uranus are pretty close to his Mercury. There's probably a lot more, but it speaks loudly to me of film, artistic endeavors, shocking revelations, communication and global (if not galactic) matters. Not to mention the Aries Point "political is personal" stuff! What do you think?


Barbara Koehler



Dear Barbara:


I have not seen Al Gore's movie, but from what I hear it's a great example of Aries Point thinking, covering the interaction of people and our environment. I'm not surprised that he's having the kinds of transits you mention.


For those who are curious, Gore's data is March 31, 1949 at 12:53 pm EST, in Washington, DC. He was born in DC because his father was also a United States Senator.


Here is the chart, for anyone who is curious:


Dear Eric,




Just a few scattered thoughts; I lived in the Hudson Valley of New York from about 1973 till 1987, most of that time in and around Rosendale. Was a little surprising to find someone else who had even heard of Rosendale, let alone lived there! Also I started studying astrology during that time, having gone through some very intense personal experiences and was seeking answers/explanations.


Astrology has since then been a great fascination, if not a vocation. Over the past few years that has only intensified. Something I've picked up on (thanks to you and the 9/11 chart) is a coming connection for Election Day in 2008. To wit, Saturn-Uranus opposition right across the 9/11 Sun (perhaps a bit of REVOLUTION?!?!), Neptune on the 9/11 Uranus, Pluto coming up to the 9/11 Mars. I would love to see you write on that. My take is that this will be a BIG turning point with (hopefully) the electorate if confusion around what "revolution" is properly addressed. That make any sense? Anyway, I have enjoyed your writing and astrological insights for years now and look forward to more!



Rob Green