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Images of Saturn-Neptune


June 30, 2006


Hi, Eric


Since the Neptune opposite Saturn aspect that you spoke of earlier is occurring at about the same time as my second Saturn return, could you please give some positive images of this that I could meditate on?


Keep up the good work -- especially enjoying your photos.


Thanks, Laura



Dear Laura:


Let's just restate that a couple of different ways for readers not completely familiar with astrological terminology. You're having your second Saturn return, which, since it's happening now, means you have natal Saturn in Leo. The first Saturn return takes place between the ages of 28 and 30, and the second between 57 and 59.


At the same time, transiting Neptune in Aquarius is opposing your natal Saturn in Leo. To some extent, this is true of everyone with Saturn in Leo, since Neptune transits have a rather wide orb of influence.


Your natal Saturn is experiencing at least two transits right now: transiting Saturn is making a conjunction (or 'return') and transiting Neptune is making an opposition. Both suggest changes to the structure of your life, but using two different methods: the more nuts and bolts, compressed, practical nature of Saturn; and the more elusive, illusive, dissolving nature of Neptune. As you've noticed, the fact that these are happening simultaneously is indeed significant, probably pretty challenging, and has rather enormous creative potential.


There are two processes in motion. Oppositions tend to express themselves more through the environment, relationships and circumstances in the first instance, and then subsequently are internalized. Conjunctions tend to express themselves from the inside out, and are then, in the second place, expressed in our experiences with others.


Some imagery would help. You can think of Saturn in Leo as a beautiful, ancient tower in an open field. You can think of the Neptune opposition to Saturn as powerful rain that comes once in a lifetime and changes the landscape all around the tower.


At the same time, the Saturn return is saying it's time to do some structural work on your building; but the opposition to Neptune is saying that the time may not be right at this moment, particularly to make repairs or improvements to the outside, such as would be visible to the world.


Instead, you need to address the waters and the storm to the extent necessary, and possible: patch the roof, make sure the windows are shut tight and in good working order, and make sure you have the provisions you need. Then, address the restructuring of the tower from the inside out. Rather than work on the outside of the building any more than is necessary right now, work within your structure to make the adjustments you need.


Now, this is perhaps too concrete an image to convey what may be happening under the influence of Neptune; often we don't see the effects of Neptune transits until after they have come and gone, though working with astrology can give us some advanced time to prepare and address the themes involved.


The structure in this field involves something important about your sense of self, your sense of presence in the world and how you express your energy. In a sense, it's your ego in the most practical use of that word: your identity that relates to the outer world. Your own internal process is wanting to change things one way -- in fairly large bits, and in practical ways; but there are factors in your environment that are offering you something else: a more subtle kind of change, a gentler method of dissolving your ideas about yourself, and an approach guided more by inspiration and gradual melting and recreation than a more radical or sudden approach.


You do have some choice in the matter, and it would be helpful to choose whenever you can what method you will use.


One last idea that's worth considering is that in traditional astrology Saturn is one of the ruling planets of Aquarius. And it's now in the opposite sign, taking a transit from a planet placed in Aquarius. In traditional terms, Saturn is the dispositor of Neptune; it rules any planet in Aquarius. Because of this arrangement, the factor of structural integrity is likely to prevail as a working method.