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Big Planets


June 23, 2006


Dear Friends and Readers Everywhere:


Well, so far so good on working our way through that tense, intense solstice energy. By Saturday, the Sun will be moving southbound again and we will have even more relief from the strange sense of urgency and focus of the past week.


It is difficult to say what, as a culture, we have been through. Even as individuals, it seems not so easy to put into words, to defy explanation or understanding. Perhaps we've squeezed through a kind of a tight spot; it is one of many in the coming months.


We can begin to turn out attention to the summer's astrology -- in particular the first meeting of Saturn and Neptune in late August, and the annular solar eclipse on Sept. 22. I will have more to say about these aspects in editions of Astrology Secrets Revealed soon. The nuclear question is one that comes up in many charts for the next six months, one that we can watch both in 'the planets' and on The Planet.


For this edition of ASR, I have two reader questions to cover, both of them top-notch and with surprising responses in the planetary patterns.


Coverage of the current astrology will appear in my daily blog at Planet Waves.


Before I get into the questions, I want to take a moment and tell you about a few new things at Planet Waves. One is an audio project called PlanetWaves.FM. On this new site, I am doing free weekly audio on the latest astrology and other topics -- reported from wherever I happen to be.


This is part of a wider project, called EROS. Eros is an interactive, multimedia version of Planet Waves, with some exciting features, like a searchable seven-year database of all my horoscopes (including all Jonathan Cainer stand-ins to date), the full audio archive, and a discussion area that I host regularly. Then there are more of my artsy-type pictures, in a special gallery section. Subscribers to Eros will receive a subscription to Planet Waves Weekly as well. Have a click and see what it's about!


Thanks for your compelling questions this week. And remember -- daily blog and photos at Planet Waves. It's good to be with you.


Eric Francis Ottawa, Ontario