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Career Question: Neptune Transit?


June 9, 2006


Dear Eric,


I've been looking for work for some time now and having serious trouble finding something concrete. All kinds of connections and tips and networks are caving right before my eyes. I am curious as to whether this might indeed be about the impact of Neptune transiting my sign and nearly on top of my Mercury and Sun.


OR, would this be more closely related to Pluto trining my natal Pluto?? Or Saturn in my 6th house??


Thank you for any and all insights!!





Dear Mary,


You mentioned that Neptune is [about to be] transiting your natal Sun and Mercury, but you forgot your ascendant! That adds quite a bit to the discussion, because the ascendant makes the Sun and Mercury even more personal.


This time in your life is not about finding work -- it's about you changing. In a very big way, indeed, entirely. When any slow moving planet goes over your ascendant, that can indicate one of those life points of no return. I would count from Jupiter on out as a slow mover. Neptune certainly qualifies, but it works differently than any other planet, particularly in Aquarius.


Aquarius is about crystallized patterns, and Neptune is about dissolving things -- including patterns. A basic natal chart reading of your chart could say: you are an original, innovative and intelligent person, but you have a tendency to think in patterns that hold for many years, maybe even since childhood. I would describe that thought pattern as reasoned, beholding to tradition, somewhat nervous, perhaps ahead of your time.


With Neptune sloshing all over your Mercury, the whole pattern of your mind and senses is being rearranged in the most in-depth way. In other words, all that you were is basically melting and something entirely different is forming, with a lot of help from a new element -- water. Aquarius is an air sign, and Neptune is a watery planet. Aquarius often emphasizes the container, while the Neptune transit is connecting you with what that container has held for so long.


This is a pretty big change. Content is being emphasized over form. Every pattern you've known is disappearing, unavailable, different, inaccessible...but what is replacing these things has yet to manifest. What is clear is that it's time to start doing things differently, if you have not already begun to get that message. Of course I would not be surprised if you had NOT started getting that message because Neptune can have an effect of making things different to perceive, like the message from intuition that we ignore.


So, the key to this transit is to tune in. Listen to yourself different ways, and imagine what your personality would be like if you were less mental and more, well, the word is spiritual.


Let's briefly take a look at your progressed horoscope for more information. The progressed horoscope is an extension of your natal chart, pushed ahead about 51 days, since you're 51 years old. This is literally the chart for your 51st day of life, which takes effect now.


Here is your progressed chart.


Two things really stand out. One is that you're in a Full Moon. For people wondering how to read a progressed chart, you read it the same as any chart. The context is a little different, but it is a chart, for the moment you select the chart to be cast for. The big mystery to progressions is that there is no mystery. Well okay the mystery is that they work at all, and you have to just live with that; the implication is that there are patterns in time that science has not noticed, such as that the 51st year of life has something to do with the 51st day of life. Science ignores this, unless the science we're talking about is familiar with fractals and chaos theory. Both of these branches of science, to me, provide substantial evidence for how the patterns of the planets can interact with the patterns of our lives in a meaningful way. But that's a different discussion.


Basic story is, you're having a Full Moon by progression, which happens every 28 years or so. The New Moon was 14 years ago. Apropos of that, what were you doing in the summer of 1992? If you had to use that summer as a "before and after" point, what was the before, and what was the after? Don't rush this one. Take your time. We're talking about a long life cycle, that only repeats two or at the most three times in the course of a normal lifetime.


Without getting into too many specifics about what a progressed Full Moon "means," it means change. It means a threshold, a gateway, a shift of energy. It would seem that you're close to a breakthrough, but that you need to think in an entirely different way.


We get another clue from the fact that your progressed lunar nodes are about to be crossed (met at 90 degrees) by the current transiting nodes. This is a crossroad. That is, this is not a time to make a small change, but on many accounts, a rather large change; to go in an entirely new direction, perhaps one that you had not considered -- or for that matter, one that you have considered a long time but have not opted for.


With Neptune so prominent for you right now, and about to become more so, you do need to refine your intuition and, truth be told, that will involve a leap of faith. In truth it's impossible to say who you're becoming, as you're very much a work in progress, but -- progress is abundant, if you dare to see your life a little differently -- or a lot.