Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Sagittarius Full Moon & the Next Grand Cross


June 9, 2006 (with chart)


Dear Friends Around the World:


One of the purposes of this column is to provide a window into basic astrology and help those who are curious get their foot in the cosmic door. The question is always where exactly do you begin? All writing presumes that the reader knows something (if only how to read). It's not really possible to point to one agreed upon beginning of astrology study, but you could say it begins when someone has a real experience of astrology working or being personally meaningful.


As for the study of words and books, the important thing is to pick up the discussion somewhere you feel that's interesting and maybe just a little out of your depth. If you're learning, you'll be making use of an astrological dictionary and learning new words pretty regularly. It's easy to let the vocabulary be discouraging, but I think that's one of the most useful obstacles to get over.


Another is a sense of getting overwhelmed by the sight of a chart. When you're looking at a chart, you really have two choices, one of which is to apply intuition, and the other of which is to apply some analysis. However, once you get a grip on this particular chart, you'll likely notice that for astrological reasons it's pretty whelming -- this weekend's Sagittarius Full Moon:


First, Full Moon basics. Find the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is the yellow circle with a dot; the Moon is the gray crescent, next to the little red guy. The little red guy is Pluto. Pluto at the moment closely marks the position of the Galactic Core, which is not shown in this chart.


At the Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs. Say that to somebody and they will think you're a real astrologer. The aspect of the Full Moon is "Sun opposite Moon." One is on one side of the Earth and the other is on the other side. The three are in alignment. The Full Moon is a peak of energy. It's an exciting time of the month, where people start to go a little bit wiggy. The split personality syndrome of the Full Moon is accentuated by the fact that the Sun is in Gemini.


The split personality phenomenon of Gemini is like having a talking dog in the family. Even if you don't believe dogs can talk, when the dog starts talking, you might want to listen. I have a Gemini friend who told me that one of her coworkers has two names for her. The guy is not an astrologer, he's just perceptive. So, in whatever you look for, look for the distinction of two missions, two personalities, two of anything. Give it two names. And when your dog starts talking, listen to what he's saying.


The position of the Moon in this chart is interesting; it's in Sagittarius, located at the midpoint of two galactic points. At 14+ Sagittarius we have the Great Attractor. At 26+ we have the Galactic Core.


I've covered both of these points already, but the upshot is that it's a LOT of energy and it's strange energy because it doesn't feel terrestrial; it's the original cosmic exotic. And right now the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned at the midpoint of the GA and the GC, which is going to move some energy, and for sure energy is moving. It's moving personally and there is a whole lot of political news coming out of Iraq and Washington DC, just check the cover of and you'll get an idea.


Now, as if this were not enough, we are in the middle of yet another version of the fixed grand cross that's been hanging around since late last year and will be present in one form or another into 2007. But it's quite precise right now. See if you can find it.


You can see one end of the cross, a cluster in Leo to the top right. Then look at 90 and 180 degree angles. The orange 4 to the left is Jupiter in Scorpio. The orange key toward the bottom is Chiron in Aquarius. The blue trident toward the bottom is Neptune in Aquarius. The blue lady's room symbol to the right is Venus in Taurus. Venus is moving fast and is focused precisely in the cross Thursday and Friday, though it's applying to Neptune (meaning it's moving faster and has a lower number, hence the aspect is forming).


The same is true of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Leo. See if you can pick that out; Mars (red guy's room symbol) is close to Saturn (yellow lower case H). The thing between them (red Chevron symbol) is Vesta, the eternal flame of devotion. Mars is moving up on both Vesta and Saturn and the two form a conjunction very close to the Cancer ingress of the Sun, also called the summer solstice in the northern latitudes and the winter solstice in the southern climes.


Which brings me to a point I've mentioned a few times before in this space: the solstice Sun makes an exact square to the lunar nodes, which are currently sitting exactly on the Aries Point. The North Node is in Aries and the South Node is in Libra, and the Sun in about 10 days makes an exact square, setting off the current sky and a whole bunch of other charts from the past five years all of which have prominent Aries Point correspondences.


This tells me something big is coming. By big, I mean in the transpersonal world, you know, The World, the one outside the beauty parlor. The fixed sign energy speaks of a sense of "the inevitable." That is, whoever is planning what is very determined to go through with their plans. The Aries Point connection suggests it's something that affects everyone.


There is the personal level to consider: how all this feels, and if you ask me it feels like pressure. It's important to be strategic now, and to point yourself in the direction of where you need to be. The interaction of people as individuals and their wider environment is enhanced by many factors. This is a get real moment. Under astrology like this, we can be sure it will happen one way or another.