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Highly Sexual?


April 28, 2006


Dear Eric


I have Mars in Capricorn right next to (three degrees away from) Venus in Aquarius in my 5th house. My old astrologer friend told me that is why I am so highly sexual. Was she right, is that a common conjunction in charts of people that are highly sexual?





Dear Care:


If you want to find about someone's sexual nature, usually you can look in the 5th house or the 8th house. Both are relationship houses, though they are quite different in their nature. But when you see someone with either a strong 5th or a strong 8th, particularly involving Venus and/or Mars, you can get a clue that the person has what you call a highly sexual nature.


However, this leads to one of my favorite astrological wise cracks, passed along to me by someone quoting their astrologer, and I have no recollection of who actually told me, nor did I know the astrologer's name -- but I thought it was right on. "Everyone is a pervert," he said. "Just give me the chart and I'll show you where."


By this theory, it's all a matter of emphasis, and expression; the 5th and the 8th tend to give both. But there are distinctions.


Essentially, the 5th house seeks to experiment and play. The 8th house seeks to bond and surrender. Now, I don't have your chart so I cannot look at your 8th house and size that up. But I can speak in general. The disadvantage of the 8th house is its tendency to turn everything into a life and death control drama.


Correspondingly, the advantage of the 5th is its tendency to want to explore and share in a playful way. This does not preclude a person from bonding, but it shifts the emphasis. The 5th house is essential to work with if you want to enjoy life. It's one of the greatest sources of all kinds of pleasure, from art to adventure.


Venus and Mars wrapped around the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp are an interesting combination, suggesting, first, that your male and female natures are close to one another but distinct in their energies. Your inner female lover (Venus in Aquarius) has the ability to think clearly, to analyze and to apply intelligence to the realm of the emotions; technically Aquarius is a masculine sign. Your inner male lover is well placed in Capricorn but, interestingly, this is technically a feminine sign.


This creates tension. And it creates an ability to relate to all kinds of experience, many facets of sexual identity, and to express desire in some interesting ways -- in fact, the whole notion of "interesting" is essential to your nature of desire.


So, keep it interesting!


Thanks for your question.