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Beltane New Moon

by Eric Francis


April 28, 2006


Dear Readers Around the World:


We have just experienced the Taurus New Moon yesterday (Thursday), which this year is the beginning of the season of Beltane. Beltane is the celebration of abundance, which casts away Old Man Winter and welcomes the Green Man of spring. It is a passionate moment and this week it definitely feels like there's something in the air.


In some seasons, the Beltane season is called The May, and is not just a Mayday celebration but a festival that goes through the whole month. Depending on where you are in the world, this weekend or next there may be a Beltane celebration somewhere nearby, you never know. Check the Internet, look on the health food store bulletin board, or call up your friendly neighborhood witch.


Here's an article from a couple of years back I prepared on this holiday.


Check in at Planet Waves for more Beltane coverage as well as our rather incredible series from this week on why men and women are afraid of one another. That will be under the daily blog on the homepage.


And now, three Astrology Secrets Revealed questions -- and at the end, a question I'm posting for our readers to respond to.


Rock on,

Eric Francis