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Libra Full Moon


April 14, 2006


Dear Friends Around the World:


WHEN the Moon visits the sign opposite the Sun, the Full Moon is never far away. And that's where we are now -- with the lunation happening at 5:40 pm Thursday London time, Thursday afternoon in the eastern United States and in the morning in the western states. The Full Moon is overnight Thursday to Friday in Oz.


Though the Moon is basically a big rock and the Sun is a star many millions of times its size, the two have proportionally similar degrees of expression in the personality, from our viewpoint on Earth.


It's an odd phenomenon, when you think about it, symbolized by the visual illusion of both bodies being about the same diameter from where we watch. The Moon serves as a counterbalance to many other celestial influences; it sets a steady rhythm and helps stabilize our lives; and astrologically, it works like a projection screen on which we shine the movie of the personality and its story.


That screen is a veil, concealing another level of reality, indeed, many levels. The Full Moon is one of those times when the veil is thin, and when we can see and even reach beyond it for a new level of understanding, or enter a new dimension of experience.


While this is not an eclipse itself, the Sun and Moon are currently occupying the signs of the lunar nodes, so there is the impression or image of a lunar eclipse without there really being one. The implied message is accelerated change, but more to the point, resolving something that has been building for a long time.


In a sense, this Full Moon is the culmination of the journey of the lunar nodes through Aries and Libra, which began when the mean lunar nodes entered the Aries/Libra axis on Nov. 30, 2004. The nodes leave Aries/Libra on June 20, 2006 (when they enter Pisces/Virgo), so the current Full Moon is the last lunation involving the nodes on the Aries/Libra axis for this go round -- and it completes a significant chapter in the story of your life, as well as those born under the sign Libra (where the nodes are concerned, the Moon and the ascendant count as well).


The peculiar, indeed, unique thing about the nodes is that unlike any other planet or point, their average motion is always backwards. They might creep forward for a day or two, but then they'll go backwards for three or four days and the effect is that they sweep through a sign in reverse. So they entered Aries/Libra (as usual) at the end of the sign, and have worked their way toward the Aries Point, which they will be growing closer to throughout the Northern Hemisphere spring. So, whatever it may mean for you or for all of us, we are swiftly heading for a conjunction between the Aries Point and the North Node, which occurs about once every 18 years.


The other unique thing about the nodes is that eclipses follow them around. Where you see the nodes in any chart, that is the approximate scene of a recent or approaching eclipse. When a group of eclipses goes by, that often ushers in a phase of unprecedented growth, progress and change. They can represent anything from disturbing experiences to those moments when we leap out and seize the opportunity to live. They can represent experiences over which we have no control, but which we learn to use as opportunities for decision.


I see this Full Moon as calling for a moment of review of the events and developments of our lives since the autumn of 2004. That was around the time of the Bush/Cheney election, which was not experienced by many people as a particularly easy time. The things that needed to be worked out seemed insurmountable -- but somehow we made real progress.


There is still most of a season left to this process, as the nodes work their way back through the end of Aries and Libra. The most useful and important developments may yet be ahead of us, as the North Node crosses the Aries Point.


This combination brings together two of the most sensitive points in the horoscope, and two of the most compelling. And -- I am sure that it's telling a story that we don't quite know of yet. But for us as individuals and for our society, we know it involves the time frame of November 2004 through late spring 2006.


Of note this week as well: Mercury is now making a square to Pluto and the Galactic Core, which completes the Mercury retrograde that began here more than a month ago. Soon, Mercury will be covering new territory.


Second, Mars is about to change signs. This is not usually such a big deal but, because of the fairly recent Mars retrograde in Taurus, Mars is still moving slowly. And, speaking of the Aries Point, Mars is about to enter Cancer and thus make an exact square to the Aries Point; it is about to square the lunar nodes, which are currently right there; and it's about to make a conjunction to the degree of the June 21, 2001 total solar eclipse that ushered in the 'post 9/11 world' as it was the eclipse that predicted the Sept. 11 incident and its aftermath.


Given the involvement of the nodes, the Aries Point, Mars and that old eclipse, we may well wonder what is up. Cause it ain't nothin'.


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Yours & truly,