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Rx Files 1: Signs and Themes


April 14, 2006


Hello Eric


I just read the birthday report for late Pisces birthdays and I got to thinking it sounds a lot like the advice I have been reading for Virgo. Are there similarities due to them being opposite signs? What are the similarities and differences? I have many Pisces in my life, sisters and a male friend. My male friend's brother, who has the same birthday as me but two years before, married a Pisces (they have since divorced). Anyways I am curious... are the changes in both signs similar at this astrological sign? I appreciate the ability to read your ideas. I am a huge J. Cainer and E. Francis fan. :-)


Thank you... Cheryl



Dear Cheryl


You've noticed something that's at once obvious and subtle about astrology: opposite signs have a lot in common, and astrologers will work with these similarities. And it's very common that people with a strong sign placement will draw a lot of the opposite sign into their lives.


However, you were also reading Pisces birthday reports during a time when the ruler of Virgo was retrograde in its opposite sign, Pisces. So that was providing plenty of room for overlapping themes, since in many respects Pisces and Virgo have been fully merged for a few months. However, these two signs can seem strikingly similar, even to the oddest details, until you get far enough below the surface to see that Pisces really is Pisces and Virgo really is Virgo.