Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS


RxFiles 2: In With the Old?


April 14, 2006


Dear Eric


I'm a Pisces and what with all the Uranus activity, I've been undergoing changes, and am happy about future change. But, I noticed recently that much of the change around me is not about something new, but about what I could call "returning to the old" -- as in, places from the past (I have recently moved back to London after 12 years away), things I used to do for a living (I've recently returned to teaching meditation after a sabbatical of several years); I'm even hearing "out of the blue" from old friends, and people with which I've been involved in the past are now calling me again. Of course, I've changed, and so my relationship with all these things has also changed, but I was wondering if there was anything in the astrology about "In With the Old"? I feel as if I am on a circular journey which, perhaps in order to take me closer, has first needed to take me further away, and if so I would like to embrace the transformations as consciously as possible. Of course this period also might turn out to be a brief "revisiting" before more changes come. Any perceptions would be most welcome. Thank you for all that you offer.



New Brunswick, Canada



Dear Lynsey


There are lots of ways to conceive of time. Our model that it's a tightrope that we walk along in one direction is just one model, and one that does not account for a lot of what we experience.


You also wrote your letter in the midst of a long retrograde of Mercury in Pisces, and that can come with many of these echo effects that you describe. Mercury is retrograde in any sign infrequently enough to come with some perfectly unique expressions, and often these refer back to the past, past people and past places.


But are they really the past? Or do they just look and feel a little like the past, and remind you of the past?


Now that Mercury retrograde has completely worked itself out and Mercury is in new territory, let's see how these experiences seem to you. Maybe, after all, there is something truly new.