Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Update from Eric H.


March 3, 2006


Hello Eric,


Wow. I somehow missed Astrology Secrets Revealed last week and was pleasantly surprised to see the warmhearted response from Mary that you posted. Both her (and of course your own) response gave me quite a bit of food for thought.


She had a few comments about Chiron, and you mentioned curiosity about my Chiron transits. I am not sure what one would be looking for in Chiron transits. One interesting trend in my life is that my health has always been a bit volatile. I don't really have the means right now to do the research with an ephemeris, but I have had an above average share of health related experiences that have shaped my views on life, death and permanence (in a positive way).


I am a bit of a medical anomaly, being stricken with three completely separate and serious diseases since I've been in my early teens. The first was tularemia (7th grade, and if you're interested, you can look it up to see how odd it is that I contracted it and survived at all). Then, when I was 17-18, I had a tumor removed from my elbow which for all intents and purposes was cancerous, and yet the medical researchers never figured out which sort of cancer it was, or how my body knew to grow a hard shell around the tumor to protect me.


Third, I spent the better part of summer '03 in the hospital recovering from a particularly nasty case of viral meningitis (nearly died twice). Again the virus which caused it remains a mystery, as well as why exactly a normal 3-5 day long recovery time would be so persistent (and may I add painful). Something had me protected from these experiences, not to mention my mother is a simply wonderful human being and was by my side through everything.


From each, I was tossed into reviewing the way I look at death, which is a gift I hope to share with those faced with it (especially the elderly population). Please let Mary know that I certainly appreciate her kind words and support. Also, as it stands now, I am leaning toward the decision not to have children, and being gay certainly gives me a little control in determining such things =). My main reason for this is that there are parts of my personality that still surprise me and can occasionally leave me feeling uneasy.


I am not an angry person, but a rare moment will find me throwing my indoor male cat outside to prevent myself from injuring it in any other way (especially after catching it in mid squat on the clean laundry pile). It is moments when my teeth grit like that which make me truly analyze whether or not children are a good idea.


I remember some things I did at age four or five at a foster home/daycare (I was not one of the foster children) to a younger boy, things which clearly indicates abuse that I have no recollection of. I'd give him a toy and then start screaming 'no' until he cried. I've never forgiven myself for inflicting more damage on that boy on top of whatever circumstances landed him in the home in the first place. I have quite a few problems with boys, ranging mainly on the inferior/superior spectrum. If I do ever decide to adopt, it would most certainly have to be a girl. Again, it is nice to have the ability to choose.


I want no part in passing down my family's legacy, as I seem to have been dealt the brunt of it. After lengthy conversation, my other siblings exhibit no signs of the same sort of treatment. To answer Mary's question, I was the first-born child, not the second, and yet I certainly seemed to have the second born child shadow-transfer she was talking about. I dealt with quite a bit of my father's bouts of severe anger, something that had been removed from the majority of my brother's day to day life while he was still infantile. I lived with it until I was five, my parents split when my brother was two. It says a lot about my father's anger and its impact on me.


Didn't really intend to write a novel here. If you have time, let me know which periods of my life I should checking for information relating to Chiron transits, and I'll let you know what I dig up. Thanks a million for your time. -- Eric H.



Dear Eric,


I'll get to that one soon.