Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Response for Robin


March 3, 2006


Dear Eric,


So, you are basically saying that you see astrology as something like a weather forecast (or like a measurement of hormonal levels, which is equally relativistic in predicting future mental states/behaviour). Bereavement or death won't show up in charts as such, or even in 'spiritual language' (usually using the metaphors of transition, new beginning...etc.), but you can answer the question of how someone is likely to re-act to bereavement, i.e., what purpose it is going to have, how it's going to change them, but only after you have been told that bereavement is involved. That's not really prediction, is it?


It's psychology, or rather, the meaning that you fabricate, could equally be achieved, by looking at how the person in question re-acted to similar stressors before and then induce how they are likely to re-act this time around, and even tell them how they could re-act, to make life easier on them, have I got that right? It makes sense, too. Because I doubt that there is a point in my chart, my mum's chart and my gran's chart that are congruent, even though we all have these deaths in common. Similar with charts of all the people affected by natural disaster, for example. But then, logic dictates, that there would have to be a common denominator, right?


I could sense both deaths before they happened, but I think that is down to the fact that they were caused (with involvement of the medical profession) by sudden bodily failure, not sure if I would register these as accidents. I'm not averse to the idea that the future can be foretold, simply because this future is the consequences of the past/present, though they may be occluded from conscious awareness, and I don't see why astrology shouldn't be able to uncover/make aware of the past events that are most likely to have consequences, but it beats me why personality/major events in someone's life could be pre-determined by where and when they were born, unless you're inducing this from what kind of impact this life is going to have on the grand scheme of things. I'm confused by all of this and I don't think I'm expressing this particularly clearly, I'm lacking the linguistic concepts to be more precise, but I hope you're getting the drift.


For New Year’s I let myself be persuaded to give my mum a rune reading (don't think I will do this again, as I am too closely implicated) and the reading was astonishingly harmonious in the sense that she has all she needs to succeed in getting herself happy again, and of course I put it in language that focuses on telling her what she needs to hear in order to make use of what is available, plus I have a personal investment, of course.


And so I'm quite worried that I misinterpreted 'complete transformation of your relationship with your mother', and that actually, my gran is going to die this year. You must be very busy and I'm usually uncomfortable making those kind of demands, but if you have time, I'd be immensely grateful if you could help reduce my worry by having a look at my mum's (17 March, 1958, Leipzig, Germany), my gran's (17 October 1929, Krostitz, Germany) or my (01 January 1981, Leipzig) chart.


Thanx for your help.


Best, Creature



Dear Creature:


Personally, I don't make death predictions. Like most astrologers practicing today, I feel that some things are best left to God/dess and this is one of them. But I think you need to honor your own intuition not for the sake of prediction but rather for the sake of being complete with your grandmother.


I think that the whole subject of "foretelling the future" would be an appropriate and indeed excellent subject for this column, and I'd be happy to hear from readers with specific questions on this subject.